budget yuji high cri 5mm leds confirmed

I can confirm after ordering then that these are NOT high CRI LED’s. Just you basic 5mm cool white LED’s. Nothing notable at all about them, looks just like the ones in the picture.

I guess the search is still on for a real supplier of them.

they are back

Great, ordered a set, now to see how long shipping takes. lol

The LEDs from OP are back as well

Well I ordered one of those as well, guess it is a race to see which comes in first. Figure I can use them to build an LED cube if nothing else.

seems all the sellers went away then came back at once.since they all use the same pics and sell the same photo lights the leds are the same.
if so now is the time to load up once these 2 orders arrive and are what i got when i posted these.
my orders came very fast.

did you get your order?

Not yet, unfortunately. Shipping is unusually slow these days, I have yet to receive anything ordered since late June.

they do shoot a bit of light out the back.
i spraypaint my boards white before installing the leds.
a radioshack round prototype board loaded with 36 of these parallel with a .47 resistor in series works great in a versapak flashlight.
and can double as a video light.i shot some video of the first startup of a friends chevelle we rebuilt with that light.minimal glare off chrome valve covers,ect.

Put one of these LED’s in one of these lights. First tried a Red LED, but just couldn’t see what was needed. With this LED, got about 1/2 lumen of perfect light that didn’t wake me up or run my night vision. Thinking about putting in a “Police” light to get a little more concentration of light from the reflector. On a side note, if you haven’t played with those motion detectors, you should. They are so easy to use and have a lot of potential uses since they can take up to 24v.

I just got my order in, they have the correct part number and look like the ones in the pictures earlier in the thread but mine at least are not warm tints. They are not ice cold but I would say 1A/1D ish tint. The CRI also appears to be average, compared to my BLF348 there is no comparison in the color rendition but that could also be partly the tint.

Maybe they ran out of the ones you got or sent you the wrong thing?

These are still pretty nice LED’s for what they are, just not what I was hoping.

Sub’d for later…

Which seller did you purchase these from?

I ended up purchasing 3 different sets of them from 3 sellers on ebay. 2 of them shipped together as it was simply the same seller with different user names. They were all for the exact same LED’s, cool white standard 5mm LED’s. Nothing unique about them that I could see from any other 5mm cool white LED.

Aw that’s too bad. I just bought a light that I really like that takes 5mm emitters. I’m on the look out for something with a nicer tint and output.

You can try to find nichia 5mm leds, my thread related to this led is


That was the first place I looked, but ledrise wants 25euro for shipping to Canada… That’s almost $40.00 CAD :frowning:

I was lucky than, That time they were sending with registered mail from Romania, which is very near to Istanbul, Turkiye.

I’m interested. please let me know if these are the HICRI ones.

i spraypaint the boards with flat white before building.
bounces back some of the light that shoots out the back.