budget yuji high cri 5mm leds confirmed

btw these have a wider beam than most cheapies.spot intensity is lower but more light at the same current.
an unmodified hf freebie puts a tight blue spot on my white ceiling.same light with these at same current wash it out.floods a dark room nicely.
even better if you spray the 9 hole reflector and empty board white before you assemble it.real nice disposable work light.rolled up cereal box cardboard as a spacer takes an 18500.and still allows use of a 3aaa holder.

This item is no longer available :frowning:
If someone finds a similar deal please post a link!

keep that email handy.looks like they closed the ebay store.
if you dont mind send me the email via pm.

Dang, I missed out on these.

A quick goodle search of the part number JNL5254CHLGW5007-CA4 brings up a different ebay seller, and also an ali store that uses the same images as the store in the OP.

Good catch.will look again once I am not on a phone.
Even the note is awkward doing some things.

I hear ya, that’s why I didn’t post links. Ali links always seem to break when I post them from my phone.

How do you know it’s hi cri led?

The original seller claims ra75.
They have greatly improved color rendering over any other 5mm I have used.and they lack that cold blueish tint.
These were for high end photographic lights.

I built myself some little Modules for photography - they are extremely good.
I would say, the CRI is easily over 90 and they are perfect for lighting stuff for photos or in glass cabinets

Only link I could find to that part number was : http://www.ebay.com/itm/100Pcs-F5-5MM-White-Color-White-Light-Round-Superbrigh-t-LED-Lamp-/181935336943?hash=item2a5c30edef:g:UCoAAOSwnGJWTDrq

Anyone know if these are the right thing? How do we know they are in fact high CRI, I didn’t see it mentioned in either the old ad or this one?

I would not mind having some neutral/warm white high CRI 5mm LED’s around. I figure I can rebuild some of the many 9 LED lights I have laying around if nothing else.

if the part number shown in the listing is what they ship then yes they are the part i posted.
might want to ask seller if this is the case.
the bag shown is not what i bought.

My anti-static bag has a similar looking label, but says “LED LAMPS” at the top and has the information that is in the Description section of that Ebay ad. So as snakebite says, if the description is accurate, those are the LED’s you want. If the picture is accurate, those are not the LED’s in the OP.

Just checked the ali site on PC that I mentioned earlier, the seller was Power Magic but they no longer have any items for sale.

Both links in the original post go to pages for items no longer offered for sale on eBay

search for JNL5254CHLGW5007-CA4
other sellers have them.

I can confirm after ordering then that these are NOT high CRI LED’s. Just you basic 5mm cool white LED’s. Nothing notable at all about them, looks just like the ones in the picture.

I guess the search is still on for a real supplier of them.

they are back

Great, ordered a set, now to see how long shipping takes. lol

The LEDs from OP are back as well

Well I ordered one of those as well, guess it is a race to see which comes in first. Figure I can use them to build an LED cube if nothing else.