Build and review of Jax Mini C8

I purchased a Jax Mini C8 host with an offer from M4D M4X. He was able to make the host a reasonable price.

Jax Mini C8

I am a C8 fan and always have been. I like the hand fit and the shape of the light, so this was a natural fit for me.

I am posting a couple of pics that I think are of interest to the general build and quality of this light.

The constructed pill:

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I like the top side of the pill, the 20mm Noctigon with XM-L2 4C fits perfectly, the screw holes were also drilled perfectly. The bottom of the pill was somewhat disappointing. The driver cavity is really 18mm and there are not threads or a retaining ring. So, I had to tin the pill with a torch and then was able to use a good iron to get the driver into place.

The tail switch:

It is well built, but not optimal. It does have a reverse click Omten switch included. The switch board is a little undersized and the tailcap is left hand threaded. It would and will take a lighted tailcap switch board very well, at some point.

The final impression…

I like the size and shape of the light. It falls right in between the Solarforce L2 series and the Eagle Eye X6. It comes with a OP reflector, so the beam has a nice hotspot and good spill. It also appears to have a coated lens, purple sheen under white light. I used a 105C since I wanted a light with good regulation and long runtime. The threads are all triangle cut, but fit very well and operate very smoothly.

On the down side, protected cells will not fit. I could not find one in my collection that was not going to crush under the springs. Maybe with a brass disk on the driver you could then use protected cells.

Overall, I would really recommend this light for general daily use!


Nice mod Matt. I love these little versions of there big brothers but sometimes they are just to dear. The Soshine protected 2600mAh 18650 from FT is the shortest protected battery I've found if thats what your after. The ones I've tested I'm happy with.

But for the first powerup I really like to throw a protected cell in. The pill and mounted pill had been tested on my bench supply, so the last test was not really needed.

I also bought one of these hosts. Here’s an in-hand shot:

and a comparison with its big brother and a couple other lights:

Love this little guy! Mine got a Nichia 219c with a standard 3 amp, 8x7135 Qlite driver from mtnelectronics. Its great. Sorry no photos of the build process but I can confirm everything written above, including the fact that the opening of the driver cavity is slightly large. I also just built up large solder bridges to hold mine. I think its fine.

I measured 19,500 cd from mine, or 280m throw. Not bad I think. I really like this little thing.

My litmus test is the top of a tree about 1 3/4 blocks away about about 120 feet up. I can get enough light on it to see the branches. It does not compare to my favorite C8, but it is de-domed XP-G2 with a FET driver.

I really owe the forum a giveaway at some point and one of these may be just the ticket! It will make a very good all around light and it will fit a jeans pocket.

Yours came with a smooth reflector? From Banggood? I’ve been looking for a SMO for mine.

The reflector is OP.

I always thinked to buy a Jax Mini C8 to put between a “regular” Thorfire C8 and a Mini Ultrafire C8 AAA :bigsmile:
For a long time I’ve searched an 1xAA C8 too, but it do not exist on Planet Earth…
I’m not able to mod by myself…the Jax version is priced…and at the moment I play with my new “regular” C8. Maybe one day…