Building 3 C8s (Rings?)

I’m wanting to buy three C8 hosts. I plan on putting a dedomed XM-L2 U4 in one, a dedomed XP-G2 S4 in one, and a XP-L HI in one. Before I purchase any C8, I would like to know if I will get any rings in the beams. Convoy would be my first choice in hosts but I also hear that Kaidomain has very good C8 hosts too. Pills and shelves really don’t make a difference to me, only ugly rings.

I didn’t see any rings one the two C8 I got : Thorfire C8s and old Convoy C8 (brass pill), both with SMO reflector and XML2 emmitter

Hey dj, I have 4 convoy C-8’s sitting here built with the set-up you are talking about. XML2 U4-1A hot de-domed with some slight work done to the centering rings. I don’t use an image hosting site, but if you PM me, I could email you some beam shots on a wall.

I have XintTD C8, the XP-G2 version. I think I read that the reflector was made differently to better focus the XP-G2 led, and when I popped in a XP-L HI, I didn’t see much rings. My Convoy C8 did have some pretty bad rings with an XP-L HI. Actually, I stripped down the XinTD and it’s basically a host collecting dust on my shelf. If you’re interested, I wouldn’t mind letting it go.

I've a couple of Convoy C8 hosts with XP-L HI emitters and the beam looks fine to me except for one big ring around the outside. I mostly ignore the ring -- except for when I don't...

When I get some time and an extra reflector to experiment with I plan to give PFlexPro's technique a try -- where he frosts a small section near the base of a P60 reflector to eliminate rings.