Building my own hi CRI light bulb

Hi guys, I’m planning to build my own light bulb with the following components:

Host option:15w

LED option: 5000k Ra90 18w

Driver option:450mA 15-43v

Do you think it would work or have any advice? I know that I may have to change the drill holes for LED fixing.

It might work. Where would you install the “Driver” aka AC to DC power supply?

Be careful when soldering the resistor or wire to the button on the lamp—i found the plastic surround to easily melt before the solder melted. Maybe it is intended to make the solder joint outside the lamp and then press it into the center hole for installation.

Which bin for the LED? Some are not so close to the BBL.

You will also need a circuit board.

Will you need a fan for cooling?

I would install the power supply in the cavity inside the heat sink and just press the wires on the bottom of the bulb.
Why do I need a circuit board?
I couldn’t find the LED bin code.

Thanks for the advice.

I think, that COB LED from highly reputable brand’ s (Seoul Semi, Nichia, Osram, Bridgelux) will be much better, than from noname chinese supplier.

Agreed, but they are hard to source in my country. There are some good COBs from some chinese companies,but no test for these ones.

Quick update here. I received the components. Unfortunately, they sent me the incorrect COB. I ordered 16W 5000K Ra90 and received 12W 4000K Ra95. Fortunately, the seller gave me a full refund.
The driver had a little flicker, so I added one more capacitor.

The COB was a little green, so I added Minus Green filter.

At least the reproduction of reds is good.

(old Philips bulb)

(my light bulb)

I have now ordered this new COB, but something tells me they will send me the wrong specification or a fake one. I wish I could get some SOL or Optisolis COB.

@lfb, which size COB LED did you get? I might look at my local distributors since they have very high CRI Cree and Luminus COBs in various sizes.

It was 1919 and now I’m waiting for a Cree CXA1816 5000K. The seller assured me that he would send 90CRI one, but he didn’t provide the PN code that I asked.

I bought 2700k of the 1919, different seller. I’m certain they’re CRI80. Looks like shit.