Building of a 540,000 lumen lumiere by a german company

I found this via a Cree newsletter and found it fun to watch. It looks surprisingly similar to modding your flashlight. They used 500 XP-L leds on a passively cooled heatsink, and it holds a single lumiere world record. Easy to beat of course, just go bigger with more leds. The second video is a commercial outside event around demonstrating this light but if you skip the first part with some shows and go straight to the bit where they switch it on, it shows some shots of the beam and they did a really good job of creating a great smooth event-illumination with limited spill to the surrounding buildings.

It sound like a challenge for us.
Let’s go for 1 million lumens

Would it count if you used a 60” Fresnel from an old projection TV? Because I suspect there are some members’ collections that hit 1 million lumens!

Edit: the new standard, a 1000mm pill.

Now imagine that done with a pile of ’351Ds!

Very interesting but it really doesn’t seem that bright though.

Yeah the crowd didn’t seem to be all that impressed either. I was watching the video on my smartphone and kept wanting to turn the brightness up. Not sure if it was the camera they were using or if they just overhyped the actual lumens.


Maybe 54,000 lumens???

I feel like my MT09R would put out the same amount of light from 3 stories up and some frosted lenses.

Especially, that they’re staring at it without squinting. Even diffused, I find it hard to believe that anyone could comfortably look at it for very long.

Well, if I spend just $40, I could have 600,000 Lumens with 5 of these
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so, nothing special here.

My initial thoughts aboput this were exactly the same as SKV89’s - it doesn’t look as bright as 540K Lumens. If it would say 100K - OK, fine. But half a million? The camera must have f-ed this up

Nothing special? Ho ho ho, no no no my friend. Did you see the beam pattern from this zoomie? Not only 120 000 lumens but yet unique ref-like beam pattern from an asphering zoom… This is a technology not know here. And it looks like capable of enlightning The Great Chinese Wall whole at once! Probably it’s also well visible from Earth’s orbit.

Chapeau bas!

In the second video it looks like it is switching on and off randomly, why is that?

The project is not very BLF I mist admit. :smiley: Although they went for a world record, they were clearly making an attractive-looking robust, practical and sustainable light. They look very capable light engineers and that made the video so much fun to watch.

I think it is just to demonstrate the controllability of the lumiere (it is DMX-controlled), in this big flood light segment where led use is fairly new that is a novelty (think high pressure sodium lamps that take minutes to even start).

Hmm, and never once did I see him in the video…

This thing isn’t 500.000 lumen…

I’m waiting for the Vinh edition :slight_smile: