Bunker Beamshots – 11 flashlights in a shelter

Hello my dear friends!

Sub Zero outside, nice 8° in the tunnels of our local WWII Airstrike shelter.
So i took some flashlights underground to give you a different way to judge their strenghts ;)

featured flashlights:
Lumintop GT Mini
Astrolux FT03S + FT03 + HL01
OLIGHT Warrior X Pro + M2R Pro Warrior
Folomov 18650L + Magicshine MTL60
Weltool W3 + T10-HG + T11 (yellow filter)

That’s really cool

It don’t get much darker than that :smiley:

SBT90 is doing great. Now I want to see a SBT90 & Osram shootout in all their available lights and modded hosts too (;

Nice! Wish I had kewl places like that near me.

Didn’t run into any Lizard People down there?