is running a "Buy 1 get one half off" deal starting today

One of the deals is this zooming headlamp for $6.17 for the first and only $3.09 for the second one. I grabbed two for a total of $9.26. You never know when you might need one and since I don't have any yet it was a no brainer.

Yep and this is the only light in that sale

Did anyone buy it?

Assuming it's really Cree, it's a good buy.

Otherwise, there are cheaper offers in eBay (e.g.,

But if you buy 2 it's almost the same price.

I did. Not sure if it can be found cheaper elsewhere but 2 of them for $9 and change seemed like a bargain. If they are as described they should be good.

Never really been into headlamps, prefer a small handheld plus headband. But at those prices it would be rude to refuse......

That’s exactly my thinking. Nothing says “I’m a dork” quicker than sporting a head light like that but when the zombie apocalypse happens I’ll have both hands free to wield a gun and sword. :smiley:

Talk about fast shipping! Why can't DX be more like these guys? Ordered on the 22nd and shipped on the 23rd. Sweet!