Buying a Trustfire Mini-01 from FT

First off, I’ve had good experiences with FT. The only time an order took longer than two weeks from click to mailman was when it included a pair of 16650’s, right as the big battery bugaboo began blowing-big.

I’m interested in buying a couple of the Trustfire Mini-01’s as Christmas gifts, but my question is whether or not the included, uninstalled CR123’s are going to pose a problem for shipping.

Also, it says that this light makes 280 lumens, but the review of a Mini-01 on this site says on high the current draw is 2 amps?

You could ask them to remove the battery or to ship it inside the light if you think there may be a problem delivering the lithium cell to your area.

The mini 01 is probably good for 200+ lm with the primary lithium cell and maybe 450+ on an 16340 rechargeable. I know my one draws about 2.5A on high with a 16340 IMR cell, i don’t know what the primary cell draw is.

Have a look at these links

I see, its sort of like the AA/14500 lights then. The issue isn’t on my end, they just posted another moratorium-notice on shipping li-ions, right?

I received a couple Mini-01s last month from FT, they placed the batteries inside the lights with tape on the ends. they arrived no problem.

Until Christmas should be enough time, if you know it now you can order them.
I replaced the stock keyring with a sturdy one from the fishing supply or I put one of the bouye lobster claws from IOS on them to be sure the people don’t loose them.