C8 @ 5.16A what's next

I have a C8 @ 5.16A built by DBS and wanted some recommendations on what to get next. The c8 I have is awesome and I couldn’t be happier, especially with DBS and most likely will ask him to build my next light. The man knows his stuff, from everything i could see his work incredible. But more than that he is a teacher and takes the time to explain everything. Anyways back to the light, I would prefer to keep the 1x18650 size maybe 1x26650. Something that is able to be carried in my back pocket. What i am hoping to find is a light with more throw, I believe the lux of mine is 40k maybe low 500, and I current have an xlm-u2 emitter. Can’t recall the tint but I am guessing 6000. I know dedoming would increase the throw and that is something I am looking at. As for the host I would like something different, I had for a while a Torchlight triple with a triad tail, and by far that was the most comfortable light I ever had. Any sugg

if he built a C8 @5.16A and only gives you 500 lumens… you might want to switch teacher hehe…
ask Tom E to build you one :smiley:

Sorry typing on phone. 40-50k lux, 13xx lumen. Light is incredible and cost $50, just looking for where I can go from here, and since here seems to be such a high point I am not sure what to look at next.

Multi emitter hotrod super thrower.

Or a hotrod multiemitter flooder.

Would a multi emitter light have the throw? I have a 2500 lumen p60 light with am mt-g2 emitter and I hate it. The beam is so wide and bright that it destroies my night vision and it’s like being outside with a flood light behind you. 20-30 feet is great but past that it seems like not having a light would be better, can’t see anything

The big reflector triples have great throw: BTU Shocker, TK75, TK70, TR-J19.

You could consider the Sky Ray King with triple emitters. A triple dedomed XM-L2 reaches pretty nice in the SRK, or even better, a Triple Triple dedomed XP-G2 with Carlco 10507 Narrow Spot Optics!! I don’t even know if the latter is possible, or would even work well, but it sounds cool! Because of the height difference between the Carlco optics and a normal reflector, I’m sure a nice thick copper emitter pill/shelf could be shoehorned inside, to enable each triple XP-G2 set to run at 5 amps?

Just a thought. Certainly not as easy as a Convoy C8 to mod though, as the SRK has so many versions available, you never know what you are going to have to work with.

Mtg2 is very difficult to make into a thrower. P60 definitely doesn’t have the reflector size to do it. I believe OL made the Courui (sp) into an mtg2 thrower which had the most throwy result I’ve seen in mtg2, but I don’t think it can beat a smaller emitter.

Do a search on “BTU Shocker” or any of the lights RMM listed, and check out one of the beamshot comparison threads. The big headed Multi-emitter lights with large reflector wells throw very well.

I’m pretty sure any of the super thrower hotrod modded lights will pretty well destroy your night vision.

5,9A HD2010 or ZY-T08 with around 6,5A (regulated from buck driver) are not dumb choices if you want (jacket) pocket friendly lights but with more throw.

An HD 2010 with the aspheric setup and XP-G2 de-domed is a nice pure thrower setup - does bout 260 kcd. Or could stay with a reflector: XM-L2 de-domed about 200-210 kcd, XP-G2 de-domed, about 240-260 kcd.

Smaller package would be aT20 aspheric - bout the same size as a C8, but with a de-domed XP-G2 does bout 135 kcd.

Some of the lights suggested are way to large. The c8 that I have as large as i want to go. I’d there any single 18650 setups that would give me 100k lux and preferably not aspherical, as some spill is nice.

Do your C8 is a convoy host? You seems to have a good pill, better have a good host too.
I think next is to have a small edc 18650, like a convoy S2. It’s good to have a floodier light too.