C8 and hard-driving an xp-g2: anyone try it yet?

How hard can you drive an XP-G2 in a C8? Would it give better theow than an XML2?

I’m looking for a long throwing, but not pinpoint, light.


not yet, but I’m running an xp-g2 at 3a in another light and intend to do the same in a c8, yes it should out throw any xm-l based c8.

I’m pretty sure that’s what I want for my next light. I’ve never modded, and I don’t see one for sale with an xpg2.

How hard would the mod be?

pretty easy, especially if you buy the xpg2 already on a pcb…and you’re happy w/ existing driver.

it could be as easy as just unsoldering two wires, resoldering to new pcb….but most of us make a few more tweaks than that :slight_smile:

An XP-G2 C8 would be nice because you’d have a thrower-ish smaller light

When the xpg2 is on a aluminium pcb, you can drive it at around 2A, if you reflow the led on one of those new copper boards (or have someone do it for you) 3+ amps is easily possible.

Would this increased throw come with the original XPG R5 in a C8 or only XPG2?

Good point, djozz. I just found match’s data on sink pads. 4a in a xpg2 on copper gave him 900+ lumens. The xml2 at 4a gave 1400+.

Anyone want to speculate on which would throw farther in identical c8’s?

xp-g2 would batter an xm-l2 in throw in anything, assuming reflectors are the same size and spec

Right now i have a XR-E in a silver C8 that already out-throws almost all XM-L lights i have !
The only two it don’t match for throw is my Olight SR90 and Trustfire X6 Big-guns, or my HID lights.

Not yet on a C8, but have swapped an XP-G2 on a Lumapower D-mini VX with teleforce head, so my reflector is smaller than C8 (roughly 33mm vs 40mm), and it's driven at 2,5A

The hotspot on a wall at 3mm is slightly smaller and marginally brighter than a bone stock C8 Xml, and the spill is definitely lesser than C8.

In real world outdoor use this Xp-G2 has amazed me throwing with ease on buildings at 350m (from google earth), in the evening with lots of ambient city lighting, so I believe it capable of more!

It will get warm after a few minutes but comparable to xm-l if not better.

Waiting the availability of a copper mounted Xp-g2 to further tune up this little light

On a C8 I would expect similar results or better

Once I get some of those copper sinkpads in, I’ll be mounting an xpg-2 into the solarforce m3 head. Should have similar performance to a c8.