C8 modding (first flashlight mod, help)

so I am just starting to get into modding lights and I thought I would start out with a thorfire c8 as a host. I pulled out the old driver and led and I am replacing them with this and this and I am just wondering if they will work together. I did some research and I am basically following vestureofblood’s tutorial on youtube and I am also wondering if there is anything else I should know before tackling this project. keep in mind this is the first time I have tried such a project so any info or tips (no matter how trivial) would be great.

Never had a thorfire c8 but assuming it’s similar to a convoy c8, you’ll need a 17mm driver instead of 20mm you linked too, just check the size of the current driver in it, as far as the emitter choose I personally prefer a cooler temp in throwers like xpl hi V3 1A may be v3 3A/B/C but that’s a personal preference, you’ll also need This if you don’t have an AR lens and This , you may have to file the base of it to achieve the best focus… so get a few of them.

So I measured the driver that came in the c8 and it was 20mm outer diameter and the space it sits in is a bit bigger than 20 mm and it comes with a retaining ring it’s not just a press fit so I’m assuming that means it’s a 20mm not a 17mm driver right?

Correct, if you measured 20mm than that’s what you need, never had a thorefire c8, I just assumed it was similar to the convoy version.

Awesome, I appreciate your feedback. if I Have any more questions may I ask you?

Sure! BTW you not limited to a 20mm driver, A 20mm OD copper washer with some dremel work soldered to the front side of a 17mm driver can be done.

Awesome idea I’ll make sure I remember that.

Unless you are really committed to the 5D tint I would suggest the V3 3C as it has better output and a great rosy colour. You should check to see if the thorfire host already has an AR lens first. Under a ceiling light rotate the lens and if it shows purple or blue you already have an AR lens.

Edit: added link to led.

Yeah i wanted to make this warm white because I am getting the mini gt in cool white and I wanted this c8 to be unique, if it really sucks I will just buy the 5000k. The host doesn’t have an AR lens where can I find those?

Measure the lens currently on your host, if it’s 42mm, than the one I linked to in post #2 is what you need.

Just finished the light and it’s amazing, can’t believe I managed to make it work on the first try

Nice! What led you ended up using? Did you file the gasket or used it as is?

Nice work. Now you’re a flashaholic and you’ll never ever be able to stop. :stuck_out_tongue:

I intend to put a new driver on my C8, so keeping an eye on this thread. Swapping a 3/5 driver for a Biscotti one may be a dead cinch for some, but when you’ve only used a soldering iron once, burned your finger something good and can’t even be sure you did the solder right, well… heh.

Used the spacer as is and it worked great, I also used the 4000k V2 5D and I like the color it looks amazing

Haha thanks can’t wait to make another already

Watch adventure sport flashlights video on soldering it looks like a good video, I had prior knowledge when it comes to soldering but his video looks good for beginners

If only you knew how true these words were. :slight_smile:
Nice work. :THUMBS-UP:

I may come to find out how true they really are soon enough :smiley:

Is it alright if I use a Samsung 30q cause I see that it is a high drain battery and from browsing mtn electronic website some leds shouldn’t be used with a high drain battery. I just don’t want to ruin the bulb.