C8 Reflector - Variants!!!

Hi all,

I have an Ultrafire C8, running an XM-L T6 coupled with an East 092 5 mode driver, I use Ultrafire 18650’s at 3200mah (the red/silver ones), I have no idea of what amps it’s pulling from anywhere, tailcap, emitter……anywhere.

Apart from my now new A60, it’s my backup EDC or dogwalking flashlight, so, here’s my question(s) to you, has any of you lot experimented with different smooth reflectors OR lenses, to pull the hotspot in?

The dimensions of my current reflector is 41.5mm across the front edge of the cup, and roughly 32mm deep from outer edges!

Any suggestions and advice will be most welcome.

Cheers guys-n-gals!


Yours have the smooth reflector with the huge flat base around the LED hole? I have one like that, and with a XPG2 it's got more rings than Saturn. It's not quite so bad with a XML2, but it still ain't great.

I'm sure somebody here has slogged through testing all the combinations of domed/de-domed XML/XPG with the various ~42x31mm reflectors out there... we need a database!

its on my things to do list, just need to get a lux meter and a few copper mounted emitters sorted out.

My Convoy host has the orange peel reflector with a XM-L2 T6 1B led with a AMC7135*8 (NANJG 105C) 2.8 driver

and to my eyes i really like the beam it produces :)

Yes, doesn't really help those of us who already have lights we'd like better-matched reflectors for though. :~

I think FT has 1 or 2 others, but these are the ones I've had in my cart for a while...




...and you can't always depend on them working best with the LEDs they're listed for.

There is one half orange peel and half plain reflector out there…I have a c8 which has one of this type…