C8 with highest Kcd

Hi all,
I don’t usually like to ask for recommendations or rattle off a laundry-list of wants in a torch, but this one is simple so I don’t mind.
What is the highest Kcd C8 right now, available on the open market and not modified?

Wanting to upgrade my .22 weapon light from a 7ish year old XPL-HI version. C8 is the only form factor I am looking at due to the way I set up my optics.


Czech out the old/original P30, as it’s a C8(ish) form-factor and has a forward-clicky switch that allows momentary-on.

The new “P30”s aren’t. More output, but from a bigger chip so it’s less-focused, etc.

A lot of new “throwers” are doing the same thing, too. Bigger XHPwhatever chips for assloads more output, but bigger hotspots, so more lm and negligibly higher kcd.

Absolutely perfect, cheers.
25.4mm tube to fit my offset mount.
Thanks again.

Also, it used to be sold on Amazon, an Anekim light in phosphor-converted green. Had one of those CSI.NY emitters that was pushed pretty well for such a small chip.

Hang on… searching amazon orders…


Whoa… price went up since I bought mine. Nfi what’s with the mix’n’match reviews, ’cause a lot of them don’t even fit the light.

Wellp, here was my review…


Mine still works, the PC green is quite nice, not truly monochrome so you won’t be seeing only green’n’black, but other colors do “shine through” as well.

Anyway, decent option, and has the remote switch, etc., for a WML.

Just to add, it has the whole “hunting kit”, so not just the remote switch, but the Picadilly mount, Allen wrench, etc., so it’s a whole setup, not just the light.

Get a better cell, though, as the come-with is okay, but rather low-capacity.

Your best bet would be to choose one of the newer 1mm2/2mm2 LED flavors that Simon offers out of his C8.

This would be a good replacement:

A C8 with an Osram W1 (CSLNM1.TG) will get you the most throw. However, I would recommend a Luminus SFT40 for the best balance of throw and output.

Thanks peeps some things to consider here. Definitely will have to be a white LED, I’ve tried a few colours (albeit with lens filters) and I find that rabbits and especially possums in trees are more fixated on white, over the colours. They literally wait staring at the light to be taken out lol.
I also have a big .30 I use for longer shots but there is no light on that rifle, as it’s a monster and I don’t want to add more weight. My girlfriend shines a monster 3,500 lumen 9 LED 12v corded light down range from the ciggie lighter, for shots up to 300m or so.
I just find the older C8 isn’t quite up to par for shorter range shots.

Just looked at a C8 with Osram, looks the business and only $35 in my currency.
Thanks fogofwar!

I think Convoys newer c8+ is much much nicer then the older c8’s .I like the sand and even the black both of them are matte and have a much nicer feel plus to cut just a little bit different that and an upgraded user interface make them a great bang for your buck light .I was thought the original C8 was terribly ugly .

The new C8 plus is a huge improvement

This one is perfect for you as the Osram has thin beam and small hotspot so as not to distract your field of vision to your target with numerous flying insects and even foul weather, yet throws farthest for its size.

Most definitely what I’m after.
I use a 40mm red dot sight so I need as much light right on the target as possible, because the sight is non-magnified. Cheers.

Could not agree more, they look great.

Hey buddy,

As mentioned in another post, I sell these in my store, but I use another driver since Convoy’s 5A driver pushes 5.7A and is eventually killing the cslnm1 white leds. Ask Simon for his 3A driver otherwise you’ll be disappointed sooner rather than later.

White CSLNM1 with 3A achieves roughly 40m less than the 5A driver which is nothing.

White CULPM1 with 8A is a beast with a wider beam and 960m, but of course eat through batteries on 100%

Check out my videos, link in my signature

I was just on your website about 20 minutes ago actually lol.
I’m preferably after the silver version, unless I missed it I didn’t see one on your site??
Be good to buy from you, so I don’t have to wait such a loooong time for Aliexpress deliveries. I’ll have another peruse around your site and most likely be in touch again. Won’t be too annoyed if I don’t get silver but it would be nice.

I appreciate the interest considering the higher price. I’d say just buy it from Convoy since I don’t stock silver, it’s been a mission getting rid of colours in the past.

If you haven’t already, check out my hunting guide and you’ll see a comparison of all the models at the bottom. Hopefully it helps to know what you’re getting

When fitting a CSLNM1 in a C8 would I get more throw from a reflector with a 7mm or 9mm emitter hole?

No difference, as near-0 light comes out the sides at that angle.

Just make sure to use a spacer to center it, and if “off”, ask about raising/lowering the height (shimming or sanding).