Calculate PWM_TOPS

We can use to calculate PWM#_LEVELS.
How do we calculate PWM_TOPS?

By using :slight_smile: For example: 7.01 2 149 7135 3 0.5 125 FET 1 10 1200 --pwm dyn:63:2048:255

The --pwm dyn:… option defines the number of dynamic steps, the maximum and the minimum value.

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I’m running on my Android phone.
I guess I need to use my laptop to enter those parameters.


Maybe few people including Toykeeper know how to use it.

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How did you decide on 7.01, 63 and 2048?

7.01 – by feeling.
63 – by feeling.
2048 – by feeling.

It’s a lot of trial and error, observing the response of the driver and calculating the effective frequency and minimum on-time (a too short on-time might result in highly non-linear response of the driver, depending on the design). There are just a few constraints like thermal regulation must never enter the PFM region.

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Thanks again!