Calling ALL Facebook users

With the admin's permission I've created a facebook page for the site.

The page should help to spread our addiction, and be easy for everyone to access.

I'm hoping people will allow us to post some of there reviews on there?

And keep an eye out on the site for news on group buys and the like.

Be sure to hit that like button and spread the news, lets be the biggest flashlight page of Facebook.

Anybody willing to add, help in anyway just post a reply and I'll get in touch.

EDIT: XTAR have delivered! Competition on it's way...

Just to let you know, I'm adding a few images to the page later.

The likes of foy and his macro shots may wish to contribute? Or anyone else? (some of you with those exotics?)

i'm there

Thanks, Great idea.

Please don't post any of my firearm photos all others are fine.

To prevent any possible complaints, issues if users link/ post the images they would like up in this thread that would be great.

Last thing I'd want is any mis communication problems that could lead to people being offended, (stealing images is DinoDirects job isn't it?)

Nice initiative, i would only change this:

A great community for all those involved in the flashlight industry.

most of us are not involved with the industry :p or maybe i just misunderstand it

well spotted, and changed to hobby and industry, as I think we have both here...although the industry tends to lurk rather than post.

Edit: Nice to see it's growing, remember to post anything here you'd like up on there.

Also if people could acknowledge they've liked the page? seeing as no one uses there real names here I have no idea who's clicked like. (not that it matters, just may help)

Maybe you could create some photo albums to get a bit of structure, because otherwise it will get messy right away. Like battery type, beamshots, customs,...?

Done what I can, will add beamshots and customs as people provide.

Hopefully labeling the batteries should be enough...otherwise with all the battery types that would be a huge amount of albums for just a few images in some.

Plus I'd best go take photos of my own batteries now..

EDIT: I'm off to bed, added all the content I can of mine, link me to threads/images over night that you own and I'll add them tomorrow.

appreciate the effort, have a nice weekend!


Have to admit, I was expecting atleast one person to want their stuff up....

(sorry for going on, but I've noticed there isn't really any competition on Facebook and we could easily be the biggest flashlight related page)

What do people think of the welcome page? I only made it up quick but does it go with the site?


Cheers guys, be sure to keep an eye on the page...I've something planned for the future (if all goes to plan)

Liked also

going to do an effort to take some pictures/beamshots soon when i have my HID


Well we didn't make it to the 50, maybe we can do that by the end of this week?

(and yes, this is a shameless bump for a good cause)

edit: everytime this gets bumped or to the top the page gets like 3 more likes, lets all reply and get a huge page.

ty for bumping!