Camelion Ni-MH Cells ?

Have anyone else had experience with Camelion Rechargable Ni-MH cells ?
i picked up a 4-pack of their 2500mah AA cells to try out, and the output amperage and run time are very good, ( tested in my Nitecore EA4W, MT2A, and Midland GMRS 2-way raidos.) These seeme to be impressive for the price.
In the GMRS Radios, i got 27 hours of standby run time, vs. the 19 hours i got from the factory Mi-MH cells that came with the radios.
Also in my EA4W i got close to the run time on Meduim as i do with my best AA Eneloops that cost 3 times as much.

Here: >>

i found a store that sold their 1000mahAA Ni-MH cells for just $ 1.99 a pack of two cells,
and $ 3.99 for a pack of their 2500mah cells.

I even picked up a 2-pack of the 1000mah cells for $ 1.99, and even those delivered over twice the run time as a pair of Duracell Alcaleaks in my MT2A.

Looks like im going to stock up on these for camping trips in my LED lanterns :slight_smile:

AlwaysReady ones are similar to eneloops, they are LSD, and I have only a few AAA and one 9V. I think they are good.

Thats what’s on the packs i picked up is the AlwaysReady types. For a “Budget”-priced cell they are impressive in performance.

I purchased 8 of the Camelion AAA sized Ni-MH cells from Giant Tiger 2 years ago to run my pair of Midland 2 watt output 4x1.5V battery each GMRS radios around the cottage and while they gave decent performance per dollar, they were a distant second in overall value when compared to Eneloops.
Now I keep the Camelions as a Plan B backup only.

I never tried the AAA sizs yet. What MilliAmpHour were the AAA’s you tried ?

They claimed 800maH, same as the HR-4UTG eneloops.