Can anyone explain and recommend a TT or telwire tranfer service to send money from US to Asia

Looking to buy a few items and I’ve been told by the vendor, that I can use TT (telwire) or PayPal to send payment.
Paypal adds more of a premium, and I’m simply not sure how or where to get a TT tranfer done. Some banks seem to charge a lot. So I’m looking for good, reliable and affordable TT money transfer from US to either Hong Kong or China, for a relatively small amount, say $200 US.

While Paypal does charge I have found most TT places charge more and I would recommend just using paypal. How it works is you have the choice of TT or Paypal (PP) and with PP you must send them 220 dollars because the fees are on their end. With TT you only have to send the 200 but you pay the fees which in my experience are around 20 dollars.

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