Can anyone explain how to open a RAR file in safari or firefox?

One of the giveaway contestants is being all James Bond and will only send me the shipping info in a .rar file with a password. I don’t know how to even begin to deal with that. I tried unrarx but got no where. Can any of y’all help?

I use 7zip for all compression chores.

OTOH, get a different contestant. No one needs a PITA. :stuck_out_tongue:

RAR is a compressed file, just like ZIP. I use the free download program called WinRAR -

Don't think you can use Safari or FireFox - I use Windows Explorer. You can dnld it via Safari/FireFox then after installing WinRAR, Windows Explorer will recognize it and you then you can extract the files. I'm assuming you have a Windows PC of course.

No offense guys!!

Well, so much for the contestant remaining anonymous. LOL! Your killing me, Dino Boy. I can’t help with your OPSEC if you blow your own cover.

JohnnyMac, will that work in safari or firefox? I already tried unrarx without success.

You use another program to open rar files. Firefox nor Safari nor any other browser cannot do that.

Just download and install free winrar it has an installer for OS X.

Or if privacy isn’t a concern you can try an online decompressor.

privacy is a concern :p

cone, i didnt know that you were on a Mac system! Just install the Mac version of the software (if you dont have any other decompression utility):

Sorry for the inconvenience..

Kreisler, don’t worry about it; I don’t find it inconvenient. This is the type of fun you create that I’ve always found to be so amusing. The problem is I’m just not that computer literate, so the problem is really all on my end. I’m making progress, I think, and you will get your light one way or another, I promise. Then I will sell your shipping info on Ebay. JK!

Cone, Mac or windows? I think 7zip has both. I used to use winrar but switched to 7zip and haven’t looked back.

lol, kreisler the paranoid German. ;)

Just get Winrar, then open the zip with winrar and look at the contents. Provided you have the password of course…

Thanks guys. It has all been worked out. I appreciate everyone’s help, especially the person who finally solved it for me. You know who you are, thanks.

Use this online archiver
and you’ll have no problem with rar files in Safari or Firefox

Glad you got it worked out. :slight_smile: I guess it wasn’t any help from me that did it since I don’t know who it was. :frowning:

We're very glad to have you here, jeremy_k!