Can anyone identify this??

This may not be the correct place to post this, but I figured if anyone could tell me what this was it would be one of you guys.

It came with a solder station and I have no idea what it is. Pictures below of un-assembled and assembled.

US Quarter is for size reference. Black handle is made of plastic, U shaped wire thing & screw are metal.
Thank’s in advance……… :slight_smile:

It’s an IC POPPER.

It’s called an IC popper and is used to remove surface mount components from a circuit board. You slide the metal wire under the component, melt the solder, and gently lift the IC off the board.

Thank you, for the info & picture! I was totally at a loss. :wink:

3 posts and contributing already :slight_smile:

I would expect nothing less from a fellow Wisconsinite!

Had no clue what that was. I’ve got a couple of them too. sure could of used that little suker a few times… lol

Thanks for that question, teacher…
And thanks for the answer MWS

Smart little tool, so you’d put prong(s) under the chip and just using its handles weight, like its sitting in the pic, thus keeping easy light pressure on the chip so it pops off when it reaches temp…?

Your welcome ‘allcool’. I am just glad to finally find out what it is…. :wink:

I see the potential of using this tool to spear the dome of LEDs and lift them up……

Let us know how that works out for you. :wink:

This looks like something people make in prison called a socket popper.

You stick it in an electrical outlet and then light a cigarette off of it.

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