Can anyone identity this flashlight?

Hi there, I bought this flashlight at Orchard Supply Hardware and was wondering if anyone knows which of the Chinese manufacturers make this light. The build quality seems decent. Also, I assume this is an XPE emitter, correct? Is this a standard P60 type emitter? If so what do you recommend to make it brighter. Can I swap out the 3 AAA for another battery type.

Thanks in advance for your help.

It looks to me like an XR-E.

A different battery (18650 might fit) may not help if the driver is limiting the current. Direct drive using the 3AAA holder might help.

Definitely an XR-E emitter. Judging from the size of the AAA battery clip I doubt that an 18650 will fit. I think it will be too long for the light.

It's an XR-E emitter with a standard 20mm star base so you can replace it with any emitter you like. That host looks like a mini 502b!

A couple of things; I would imagine this is a typical Direct-Drive light running without any regulation. Can you take a picture of the back of the pill and measure the diameter of the circuit board there? It may be possible to locate a proper driver to allow better use of this light.

Also, measure the battery carrier length and diameter. You may be able to get an appropriately-sized Li-ion cell to work in that light. Manafont has a 18500 that may fit...

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It looks like my uf -502b.

looks like one of the lites from costco

Thanks everyone. Keltex 78, here is a pic of the back of the pill. This light does resemble the 502b but doesn't have the spring on the pill like I have seen on the 502 b's. This dimensions of the 3 AAA holder are 5.8x by 2.2 cm so an 18500 may be too big. The text on the pic came out to small but the back diameter of the board is 17mm. I have included another exploded view pic for reference.

I'd say that the costco /sams club lights from a 2 pack similar to a home depot offering ...Is it made by Element or CE Tech.?? It looks like about a 10~15$ light..They are getting better offerings to the general public ..Whoever designed the body at least had some style ideas going on . the tough part is the 3AAA holder ,[longer than a regular 3AAA holder but not long enough to accept a 18650.. the easiest way to tell if a light that has potential is usually the tail ..if it's just pressed in and looks all plastic and cheap's not a good sign..I can't see from here if it has two holes that allow you to unscrew the tail and access the clicky . but at least i can see a spring..and that's a good sign ...the emitter is an xre ..It could be a q2 q3 q4 or q5 which should be pretty bright and can have decent tints ....or bad tints (pinkish /purple)...for the price of the light i'm assuming it's a decent amount of light ..

Are we guessing where it came from ??..I'm guessing major buyer big box store

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Thanks Boaz, the light came from Orchard Supply Hardware advertised as a "3W Cree tactical". Not sure if you have Orchard Supply back East. I had to have it even though it cost almost $30. Now that I have been lurking on this forum I realize that I way overpaid but Oh well, since it holds a place for me as my first "real" flashlight.

Almost all 3AAA's are to be avoided unless you can also use an 18650 .. the problem with that longer 3 AAA holder is that you can't use a 14500 and a piece of pvc pipe either cuz they 're too short ..

30$ is a little harsh since you could have bought a xeno e3/s-mini /bottom end jetbeam /klarus /or fenix

I wouldn't feel too badly because I am talking about the best prices found on light similar to the one you're showing . it just resembles a deal that alot of people paid some attention to ..2 for 20$ at sams club or costco ?? I don't know i never saw the deal I only saw a light in passing ,,and as a flashaholic I was interested I am with anything that throws light out the front :)

Most of the cheaper 3xAAA can use this $1 18650 extension:

I have one, works perfect, the extension will just fit an 18650 and hold it well, so no tube needed. Swapping to 18650 will definitely help with brightness and runtime, AAA standard primaries are simply too small to handle high current. That XR-E should be pulling over 1A.

Those extentions are actually hard to find of those things every flashaholic probably needs to own .. I saw those a few months ago and didn't buy them ..i keep thinking it's something i should add to an order ..

I just bought one of those extensions for my EDI-T P4.

Thanks for the link, Pulsar13. :)

Hope it fits!