Can anyone tell me if these are XM-L T6's? Ultrafire E6 Fake vs Real?

Hello from a newbie in Australia! I've just received 2 x Ultrafire "E6's?" and was surprised (guess I shouldn't be?) at the differences between the two (both purchased from the same seller).

One brown, one silver.

Aesthetically, there are only slight differences in the bodies. No trademark and different logo on the brown E6.

One major issue with the brown one, is to use the zoom/slider requires brute force because it's so tight. Makes it kinda crap really and useless for my kids as they can't shift it.

Both claim to use XM-L T6's. Would anyone be able to provide some insight regarding whether this is correct or not based on these pics? I don't know a lot in this area but it's seems be that they are both different.

Tail clickies -

The quality of the pictures of the emitters is not the best. They seem to be XML, but knowing the bin (t6 or u2 as stated in the mcpcb) is impossible
The first one seems to be smaller? Please, take a better picture of them, one where you can see the small wires and the pattern of the phosphor, so it’s possible to identify them. The second seems an XML, the first I don’t know, may be an xml2…

Compare with These pictures

Yeah my camera sucks. Just tried for better pics but to no avail. I'll check out that link now. Cheers!

You can’t tell bin by visual inspection, there are no identifying characteristics on the chips
Both yours are XM-L, i don’t think there is a real ultrafire, and if there is you will never be able to differentiate them, and it does not matter, cheap chinese lights are cheap chinese lights, you can check what circuitry drives it, measure current through the tailcap, and replace the LEDs with better ones if you wish.
Do make sure your using name brand batteries though, a cheap light is not usually dangerous, but [anything]fire batteries can be very dangerous, go for panasonic, sanyo or similar name brand cells and a good charger.

Thanks for the tips Bort. Trustfire batteries no good? Just bought 6 yesterday

You should lube the both O-rings and after this, it should be much easier to zoom.

Trustfire could be fine. I use some ("3000mAh", hologram) since a year without any problems (work fine with 3A and they have a similar runtime as my Samsung 2600mAh unprotected). I also use Samsung (protected and unprotected), Keeppower and XTAR.

Please do not use these Trustfire in serial. If the quality of two cells are different and the protection do not work correct, it could be dangerous.

This is the great advantage of the well known brands like Panasonic/Sanyo, Samsung, LG: Quality control and cells of one charge have the same quality.

All Ultrafire lights are fake, there is no company named Ultrafire. The Trustfire Flames used to be good, haven’t bought any new ones in several years. From what I understand they are not as good as they used to be.

I would ditch the trustfire cells and get some name brand ones, you will get safer batteries and predictable runtime
Maybe you an cancel the order?

too late, they're on their way. I've got a KeepPower 3400mAh I'll stick to using just that in my Nitecore SRT7 (my favourite light). No more ultrafires going in that then.

Took it apart and had a look. Came lubed already, the head just seems a bit too small.

So trustfire/ultrafire batteries probably not great in a skyray king?

SRK batteries are parallel not series. OK to use cheapies but not the best. Series is when it can get dangerous.