Can Audi cars be programmed?

Just a quick random question, does anyone know if Audi’s can be re-programmed?

I know that BMW’s can be re-programmed with a USB to DCAN cable and can control the dashboard and disable the seat belt warning sounds.

(No, I’m not old enough to drive a car. 0:) )

Yes, my son just had his Audi flashed to increase power and improve throttle response.

ECU is common. I haven't heard of programming beyond that.

They have an OBD-II port like most modern cars.

You can buy cheap OBD-II readers on ebay and display the settings with apps via bluetooth or wifi.

Thanks, is it easily done by oneself or do I need to visit a dealership?

I guess it doesn’t provide as many controls as BMW’s allow.

Edit: I don’t think you can do much customizing with an OBD port, just display information.

Here's what I used to use for my car.

Hi first post, been lurking here for a while and it that time I’ve gone from a few lights to around 45,mostly from the recommendations on here. Now im as no expert on flashlights,although have learnt a lot from lurking on here,so thanks for that.

But I know a bit about VAG group cars
what you need is Vag com, 12.12 is the most up to date
You can do pretty much everything with it that a dealer can, it’s not simply an obd2 code reader, depending on the car you can turn on hidden features or features that are there but weren’t paid for at the time so we’re not activated at the factory, adjust feedback from steering brakes etc, turn off seat belt warnings etc , as well as diagnosing any faults on the car system, engine, abs,air conditioning etc etc
If you post up the model and age of you car, I can give you a complete list of all the mods/hidden features you can activate

Hope that helps

Thanks for your help! (And welcome to BLF.)

The model is an Audi A3, marketed as a 2014 model here in Korea so I’m assuming it’s the newest model.

I already have a DCAN cable for BMW coding, do you think that’d work in place of the VAG/VCDS cable?

Hi thanks for the welcome
No the BMW one won’t work, it may read some of the engine codes,as obd2 is the industry standard but only for basic engine diagnostic and emissions system so maybe a slim chance it may read them, but that’s it
For everything else on a car, manufacturers use their own protocols and they are never cross compatible, except for some cars in the group ie VAG with Audi, seat, vw, skoda uses the same, yet lamborgi, porsche etc part of the same VAG group but use different protocols
Your A3 is part of 3 cars built on the MQB platform, basically the same chassis and underpinnings are used for the Audi A3, Seat leon and vw golf, basically they are all the same but with a different body design
The good news is there are loads of mods and special features you can add in with the diagnostic
I’ve got the 2014 seat leon and I added in about 20 features, from closing all the windows automatically if it senses rain and you are not with the car, to additional features in the display and information/Satnav system etc etc

it also let’s me play around with the hidden settings for the super cool full cree led headlights and led day running lights
It’s like moding a 140 mph, 1 ton torch, glad I chose it in flashlight black now lol

Just to add, from the past few months I been lurking, seems to be a great place, very genuine people and a sort of comradeship feel if you like
Anyway I have a spare brand new VAG com diagnostic kit sitting in my cupboard, I bought it, but my had the same idea so we ended up with two
So am happy to send it to you free of charge, assuming the postage doesn’t cost me a small fortune

Thanks a lot for the generous offer.

I do think that shipping won’t be insignificant; are there any downsides to using cheap eBay VAG cables like these ones?

I think the shipping may turn out to be more expensive than the cable itself.

My family is close to purchasing the A3, so I’ll let you know when we do.

There is a 2.0 TDI model and a 2.0 TDI with dynamic controls(?) model. As for as I know, it adjusts the height of the car while driving, from eco to comfort. Do you think it’s worth the extra $5,000?

That’s no problem, your probably right
With regards to the dynamic control, if monies no object then I say if you like it and how it drives over the car without it then get it,
But if you have better, or more important things you could use the 5 grand for, then don’t get it

Personally I don’t think it’s worth 5 grand, one or maybe 2 at a pinch, but not 5 large
I had a Audi a3 and I thought the standard suspension was great, especially on the fast twisty roads, was maybe a little bumpy on some roads, but that may have been more to do with the bigger wheels and low profile tyres than the suspension, plus the state of the UK’s roads if you can call then that, would make a third world tin pot dictator embarrassed

As for the eBay links you posted, that is what they call the lite vagcom diagnostic, it’s pretty much shareware and is not much more than a normal obd2 diagnostic designed just for VAG cars

You need Vag com 12.12 or higher due to you car being so new
Try aliexpress they always have then, I can’t really give you a link as they are always coming and going, just buy one that has lots of good reviews as they can be a bit hit and miss but if you find a good seller you should be fine

Don’t buy of ebay, they are normally sold by crappie Chinese seller’s or locals in whatever country at a vastly inflated price and have normally come from crappie Chinese seller’s in the first place

(nothing against Chinese seller’s I buy a lot if stuff from Chinese seller’s and they are great and the items are normally good, it’s just my experience with vag com has shown me that the Chinese seller’s on ebay of vag com, take your money, send you old or non working Vag com and disappear)

Your other option is to buy a vag com from Ross tech, it’s not much money from them, you get the genuine original article (they design and built/programmed vagcom in the first place and all the copies use cloned Ross tech software) and full technical support and updates, and in the great scheme of things it’s a fraction of what your spending on a a3, that is who my brother got ours from and why I have a new one still in the box

But it’s up to you, if it was me I’d probably buy one from aliexpress if you find it useful, maybe think about getting the genuine one from Ross tech for the support and updates

but it’s your choice

hope you find the info useful or you want to know the codes to use to reprogram your a3 to get the hidden features let me know

One final thing and this is important, take screen shots of the old codes before you hit the do it button and put in the new codes

It will all make sense when you use, but whilst you can’t break your car by recoding it,you can stop things working or immobilise it if you put the wrong code, but don’t let that worry you as long as you have screen shots of the old codes you can simply put them in and it’s all good again

Or post up and I’ll be able to give you the codes or unfixed whatever you did

Apologies to anyone with no interest in cars, if I rambled on a bit long

You’ll be quite at home here then :bigsmile:. BLF is home to some of the best rants, rambles, and derailed threads that you’ll ever see!

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Welcome to BLF! I do a lot of programming on BMWs (I’ve even dabbled with the in-car fiber optic network for programming), and your best bet is going to be an audi forum for sure! Most of them have excellent DIYs on programming. Try a generic audi forum, or an audi A4 forum—the procedure to program is likely very similar.


Welcome to BLF, and no apologies needed (as far as I’m concerned) for contributing some interesting info to Ryan’s original question!

Thanks again for your help dw911.

Seems like none of the eBay or Aliexpress cables are reported to work with the full version of Ross Tech software.

Any pointers would be much appreciated if I can get the cable for any less than $300. What do you think about this one:

I’m assuming the really cheap ones $6 like these don’t really work.

Thanks for the welcome everyone! That being said, BLF is quite tolerant of any kind of talk (OBD and flashlights woohoo!) and I most certainly appreciate your help.

My family and I checked out the A3 and the A4 but it seems like the roof is a bit too low and my head touches the top when I sit at the back. :~

We’re currently looking at the BMW 320d or the Mercedes A200, but I personally don’t like Mercedes so I guess this will be our second BMW!

Thanks to all who posted for the warm welcome :slight_smile:

The top one should be fine, at $17 it’s well worth trying,I have bought from aliexpress, but never disputed a item as never had a problem, but I believe your quite well covered if an item doesn’t work when it arrives and you can get a refund

the second $6 one will work,but it is only a basic version of the $17 one, it’s no good for what you want to do

Thanks for your help. Unfortunately I tried out the A3 and the A4 and the roof is so low that my head touches the top when I’m sitting at the back, so it’s a no go.

It’s not my car, and I think my parents are going to get a Mercedes instead of a BMW that I would much prefer.