Can I use this as an indication of actual mAh - charging?


Still waiting for Opus BT-C3100 v.2.1 and v.2.2 and (2015) Liitokala Lii-500 chargers so I can test for actual mAh and see if batteries is real or fake, and if they gives what they are rated as.

My question then is quite simple. I got a batch of UR18650ZY 2600mAh batteries today. I have charged some of them in my Nitecore D4, but also 6 x in my Soshine H2 charger. When I put in any batteries from this batch, it’s says that it has 3.8V and around 60% (up to 65) charge. Then it charge the batteries up to 4.2V and they get around 1600-1700mAh (not charge mAh but actual how many mAh it has hot from the charger under the charging) from the charger. The batteries is not getting hot, and the charge stop at 4.2V and 100.

Do this indicate that the batteries has the right rating, around 2600mAh. On the specs I says from 2350 - 2600mAh.

Or do this not mean anything, and I have to wait for my other chargers to get here?

There’s always a loss during charging, some of those are converted to heat even if not noticeable.

You can charge a defective 18650 with internal leak, for example, and get 10,000mAh. The charger won’t know where the current goes after leaving its terminal, it will simply add it up.

So my take is no, the charging number cannot be used as definitive indicator.

There are a number of charts that approximate the voltage with the % remaining for lithium cells.
Emphasis should be on …….approximation…….It’s not very accurate. It’s good for field work and not over discharging your cells.

For NiXX voltage readings are almost worthless.

I want my BT-C3100 and Liitokala Lii-500 chargers now… :smiley: Of course, I’m sure that will be the last thing coming.