Can I use this MCPCB for a EE X6 quad?

The diameter of it is 27mm. And the optics it came with are about 33mm.
This would be my very first triple! :bigsmile:
I was thinking of getting the new spacer from nitro. Not sure if aluminum or copper.
I’d be using the driver from the BLF A6 which I hope will work out fine.
I read that I would have to drill a hole through the MCPCB.
Is there any other information that would help me? :slight_smile:

You can but need to do some scrapping and rewiring the board because the leds are in series. Instead of +-+-+-+- you change it to +--++--+ by reflowing the leds. You're going to need 2 + and 2 - wires.

But honestly I wouldn't do that because the 35mm triple combo already provides an excellent performance. Plus there is no reason to tear down that nice BT40!

Oh interesting! Where can I learn more about the series thing? I wanted to have a use for this BT40 since my bicycle was stolen, but I won’t now since reflowing is out of my abilities. What’s the 35mm triple combo that you mention?