Can Nitecore SRT5 tint be specified/determined?


I have been thinking about ordering a Nitecore SRT5, which uses the CREE XM-L2 T6 LED.

I am new to LED flashlight technology, but it seems the CREE data sheet indicates that individual T6 LEDs are available in cool white and neutral white tints.

The Nitecore website does not give a tint option for the SRT5, so it seems you cannot determine what tint you are likely to receive when ordering an SRT5.

I assume the probability is higher to receive the cool white tint?

Have I have accurately interpreted the above, or did I miss a tint specification on the Nitecore site?

Has anyone who ordered an SRT5 know what tint was received?



Hi Tom, you’re correct, you’re probably going to get a cool white LED.

I had the chance to play around with a SRT7, and it had a cool white LED. Most flashlights don’t come in NW without explicit information or option to choose NW.

I have the SRT3,5,6,7 all of them were cool white tint stock. Personally I find it to be ok on the lower powered SRT3, but not a pleasant tint on the higher powered lights.

Thanks Ryan and Infinitus for your replies - helps me understand what is most expected!

You can typically ask the vendor to pick out a specific light with the “best” tint, whatever you happen to consider best (i.e. most/least green, warmest, most/least purple and so on), or you could always buy one in person, nitecore is one of the most widely carried light brands in B&M stores and at gun shows and such.

Or you could have one of us modders swap in whatever LED you wanted for not very much money at all.

I believe the srt series uses XML2 T6 0D tint - its quite cool