Can someone update my FW3A?

I have an FW3A that I’d like to run Anduril 2, but I don’t have the right dongle. Is anyone willing to do the update for me if I send my light to you? Let me know your fee.

I also have the hardware to flash Emisar/Noctigon, so let me know if you’d like to trade: either the work, or the dongle itself.


prob no one will, unless you sign a waiver ‘’i agree not to get mad if light gets damaged’’
the procedure has some risks

Does the FW3A use a processor that can run Anduril 2?

I’d be up for that waiver. I’d replace the driver with a lume1 if that were to happen. This community is solid and I understand the risks of firmware flashing.

How would I confirm the microprocessor can support anduril 2? I’ve read of successful reports of this but have no experience with Lumintop flashing.

either read the docs
or ask TK
or - anyone flashing it, should know

i think the issue is program space, right TK?

The processor will absolutely support Anduril 2. Message u/Adair21 on Reddit. He’s a good buddy of mine that’s done some work on lights for me before. He’s also an FW series nut and routinely disassembles his to do mods and firmware updates. He offers mod services and he’d absolutely be able to update the firmware for you.

Edit: He’s also on BLF as Adair21

Anduril 2 runs on exactly the same hardware. Updating the FW3A requires desoldering the MCPCB to remove the driver.

Thanks TacGriz

I wonder if I can update my Emisar D4v1 to Anduril 2.

Does Anduril 2 run on Attiny85?

You bet. TK’s got a firmware build for it. It’s “anduril.2021-12-13.emisar-d4.hex” in the firmware repository.

Here is a list of Anduril lights and the MCU they have.