can they drive?

Well…the wifey phone me today …

  • I got a flat tire honey, could you pls call someone?

And she definately changed my understanding for “flatting a fire”

And why the hell when she has somekind of emergency she always say “call someone” when this someone is usualy me?

We ended up with 3 new tires and 3 repaired( were badly damaged though) rims… it seems that she drove like that for 10km and up….

That’ll buff right out…

Holy cow!

wow, that is something.

It would have been very noticeable driving and not safe either. Lucky the RIM wasn’t damaged.

10km… how do you drive 10km on that?

I feel your pain. Stay strong.
Another comment I have heard:
The car is making a funny noise. I always ask, funny/ha-ha or funny/strange? I already know that the answer will be funny strange.

I was also told this story:
Wife calls husband to tell him that the car would not start because it is too cold. But not to worry, she turned on the heater in the car, and will try it again in a few minutes.


When i asked her how the hell didnt she felt something she said she listened to a music a big louder… and then the quake came!

So, here is the woman`s logic- instead of a car malfunction a quake….

Personaly, i would never understand them

I feel your pain….
I have no wife, but I have a sister …… ahahah
women!!! how could we do without them?! :beer: :beer: :beer:

Well, it’s not entirely gender related.

Eons ago my younger brother borrowed my bicycle for a short spin. When he returned it, almost half of the bike was gone.
I asked him if he had noticed a strange (rattling) noise behind his back. He answered: Yes, but it stopped after a while.

statistics , mate, statistics…. :PPPPPP


And my favourite…deja vu with the wifey :bigsmile:

She even switched the car alarm on in spite of the fire going on…lovely

So you think, he is the exception to the rule?
Well, most of the time I’m glad there is a whole ocean between him and his test-tubes filled with micro-thingies and me.

Well, I can’t say I’m very cautious myself, but women, they are statistically exceptional , I must say also that sometimes for precision tasks they are a lot better than males