Can We Wait?

New Lithium Batteries:

So, its been 2 years since publication of that particular article, any news since then :D?

It seems these cells can offer more Amps, not more mAh over conventional Li-ion cells, combining the best of what a super capacitoris and a high capacity Li-ion cell.

What would be more useful in most applications is a dramatic increase in capacity.

Sadly the battery technology advancements are very slow. We’ve seen many advancements in LED designs over the last 5 years, but little/nil change in Li Ion Batteries.

I would not call a advance from 2600mAh to 3600mA a little or nil change.

Same with current, today you can get up to about 3000mAh that can deliver 10A or 2500mAh that can deliver 20A to 30A

You can check my first battery test from 2010:

Wow the voltage drop under “only” 3amps is incredible, especially by such “high end” batteries. I would agree, while there hasn’t been a total revolution in battery technology, the evolution in the last 5 years has been fairly substantial

“MIT Technology Review” recently had a good article on this very topic.

“Why We Don’t Have Battery Breakthroughs”

Two Quotes from the article:

“While countless breakthroughs have been announced over the last decade, time and again these advances have failed to translate into commercial batteries with anything like the promised improvements in cost and energy storage.”


“Since 2008, the cost of Tesla’s battery packs has been cut approximately in half, while the storage capacity has increased by about 60 percent. Tesla didn’t attempt to radically change the chemistry or materials in lithium-ion batteries; rather, it made incremental engineering and manufacturing improvements. It also worked closely with Panasonic to tweak the chemistry of existing battery materials according to the precise needs of its cars.”


I recently renewed my interests in flashlights. The last battery I bought before i took a break from this hobby, for lack of a better word, was an AW 2600mah back in 2009. The 2600mah had just become available if I remember correctly. 6 years on, we have 3400mah (protected 18650s). At first glance that may not seem like much, but that’s pretty dam impressive if you really think about. I think I’m just spoiled with computers doubling their speed every 18 months or so, and the incredible advances with LEDs we’ve seen. The last light I bought in 09 was the wolf eyes pilot whale, 1000lumens off 3 18650s. Now I have a 1*18340 that has the same output. Totally insane! The overall capacity hasn’t increased too much but the discharge rates sure are climbing. It’ll be interesting to see where battery technology goes in the next decade, especially with electric cars now becoming more common. I think with the automakers now having a vested interest in battery tech there will be many more millions dumped into R&D. Can’t wait to see what the future holds