Can white flat 2mm LEDs damage 7135s?

From another thread:

Does anybody else have experience of using a white flat 2mm with a 7135 based driver?

No, they can’t damage 7135 linear regulators.

Otherwise, low VF LEDs like the Nichia 219C 90CRI and XP L2s LEDs would actually damage them too.

Probably just a coincidence, hopefully.

I have even a 1.8V infrared led running succesfully on a 8x7135 driver (a sk68 mod from many years ago), although I made sure the chips had a very good heat path.

I run a 219C on a single 7135 in a 14500 headlamp.
So that’s a large voltage drop, but not a problem.

I just succesfully repaired my mini-GT driver by replacing the 7135 chip, the ramping is fully restored now. So it was indeed a defective 7135 what was going on. But this still does not prove that the 2mm2 White Flat did this.

Bit late but i finally sorted out space to set up a soldering iron so i dug out a P60 module running a 6x7135 driver, tested it worked with the installed XM-L2, swapped the XM-L2 for a 2mm flat white and…
it works fine :smiley:
So looks like the 7135 failures were an unfortunate co-incidence.