Can you identify this?

I’ve had it for years, but i figure someone on BLF will recognize it (i’m looking at you pyro)
click on photo for larger version

I looks like a radiation dosimeter. It tells you how many rads your ’nads have been exposed to.

That is a Siemens EPD-1 Digital Alarming Dosimeter

for $50 on ebay it can’t be that professional
when i was in college i moved into a place and found it in a box of misc stuff someone left behind.

I had one before and they measure in units of micro or milli sieverts. A doomsday-prepper must-have! The batteries used ought to be Lithiums primaries or else leaky alkies will just stuff up the electronics inside!

the long dead battery, no leak amazingly (though i bet it will now leak)
Where can i get a replacement?
(i have no spot welder to make my own)

Looks like my cordless phone batteries. Try ebay.

Like this one?

That looks just like rc model receiver battery packs …

No danger to solder NiMh.Easy with a big iron.

i have to call bs on a 4.5V 3 cell nimh, it would be 3.6V, plus the connector looks different
what i have is 4.5V, so i assume an equivalent replacement would be required

it would not hurt to try one of the nihm cordless phone batteries. most bargain stores (big lots, job lots, dollar stores…) have them real cheap. you could probably even use a lipo hobby battery in it. every battery powered device has a working voltage range. for this i would assume its somewhere around 3v to 5v, couldnt find in a quick search

Any battery store re-do the cells in it for you.

Google the cells I assume it's a 3.6 / 3.7 pack . cut the cord and do a quick try with a 3.6 cordless phone pack ..easy enough ... better yet try a 3 cell holder from fasttech for a buck and use the old connector and cord ..

Or a lithium ion at 3.8 or 4.0v or 4.2 just to check it

its 4.5V, i’ve done some searching but nothing equivalent has come up so far

The back of the unit tells us that it uses 3xLR03 which are AAA cells. Duracell ProCELLS are alkaline. I don’t see a charging port, so I would think that the whole pack is a one use throw away.

Probably designed for a long shelf life. Something that was available only IF and when needed. Alkalines have a long shelf life.

ironically when i put 3 x lr03 into google i got flashlights