[Canada] Dell - Eneloops

Someone forwarded a Dell email to me earlier today. I recently resupplied but otherwise it’s a decent deal. My last batch of AAA 3rd gen was from Amazon for $20.

Eneloop AAA - Qty 8 - $17.99
Eneloop AA - Qty 8 - $17.99
Eneloop XX - Qty 4 - $12.99

I hate Canada and keeping all the good deals north of the border :zipper_mouth_face:

The AA 8 packs have been $15 on ebay for months.

I bought a pack of eneloops from dell awhile back and paid through paypal…they never put the transaction through and it timed out eventually…i’ll be trying my luck again with these deals lol

eBay may be cheaper but with Dell, you know you’re going to get a good product with great customer service. Chances are, they’re going to use Purolator Linehaul (warehouse in the states) to ship it up. You’ll also receive an automated message from Purolator informing you there’s a package coming. You don’t get that from BG/FT/WB/DX/etc… :slight_smile:

There are some decent deals this time around like the Dell U3014. Not the best price but isn’t bad.