Canceled - Lumenzilla's entry for Modified Light Category - 2019 Old Lumen Contest

UPDATE 2020/02/29

I canceled this entry and create a new entry for the contest.

——— original ———-

I was given an old zippo by a friend but I’m not a smoker and I prefer carrying a cricket or fire steel in a camping trip. To give another chance to this zippo, I’m going to mod it into a functional light-er.

The very first post is the ingredients, not all parts yet.

I don’t think it will be as gorgeous as CRX’s made but I will enjoy the fun behind the process.

Oooh a zippo lighter type mod. I like those :slight_smile:

Sweet. Eight leds. This will be interesting. :slight_smile:

Way to join in the fun!

Also, we may need some clarification here. This could probably go in the Hand Made category, right? It’s not an existing flashlight. Or is the body too “pre-built”?

I was thinking the same at first, is it a build or a mod? I believe lumenzilla posted in the correct category.
I came to the conclusion of mod as the hand or machine built categories are mostly comprised of the shell/ host that is built from scratch and this is pre-fabricated with the internals being modified into a light.
Probably another small tweak to the rules required to clear that up… :person_facepalming: :smiley:

Technically a zippo produces light and can be used as such, right? :smiley:

Looking forward to your build/mod lumenzilla

^ gchart & CRX
Because I see most participants in Hand Made category build the body themself, I chose Modified Light instead :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to see this done. :slight_smile:

This looks like it is going to be a skillful mod. :student: I wonder how you will manage to fit 11 leds in this small lighter. :smiling_imp:

There are another 2 on the charger.

Yes, right. Some accurate planning will be required here. I’m looking forward to the result. :sunglasses:

Sorry for letting you down, guys.

Not all LEDs will go inside the tiny space.
I just haven’t decided yet which LED (s) to be used on the mod.


With a name like yours I’d expect a 90.2 in that Zippo! :wink:

Looking forward to seeing how you pull this off. Nice idea…

Also, I see you’ve got a NC/NO magnetic reed switch there. That’ll be interesting!

Very interesting host
Are you planing to turn the light on when the lid is opened it will be so cool

That’s what I envisioned Yuval, flick it open and thousands of lumens burst forth accompanied by a host of angels singing! :stuck_out_tongue:

Flick it shut, off and silence. Epic.

Wow, subscribed. Can’t wait to see the result :+1:

Any progress lumenzilla ? This is a cool idea :+1:

After a long time delay, finally got time to continue the project.

Gathering the materials. I’m using charging module so I don’t have to replace the battery every now and then.

I replaced R3 with bigger impedance resistor to decrease the output as low as under 100 mAh.

Testing the wiring, it worked as expected despite the messy soldering job.


The over all components aren’t small enough to fit into the Zippo insert :frowning:

It was my bad not to assure the size of each materials :person_facepalming:

Now I need to cope with myself and wondering if I shall continue or pivot to another project in this short time left :question:

Oh no! Can that flint holder pipe thingy be removed? Would that allow you to do any rearranging that might help?

If you can do without the LVP that the charging module provides (does the driver have LVP?), the back 1/3 or so can be cut off. Jerommel did this in his contest entry for last year, but unfortunately his pictures were on tinypic and no longer available.