*CANCELLED* - [REQUEST] 4 European members to pass-around experience: Wuben TO50R

yes the pass around…

Cheerleader could be very dangerous lol

Potentially life-threatening :wink:

Thank you! I’ll keep thread updated about the situation!

In some cases they even can cause danger to your health when they hack your firmware. :student:

Hi Mascara, I’m wondering why Wuben still needs the review? Didn’t Maukka already did that already?
In all honesty, after hearing all of this, Wuben looks cheap and complicated to me.


I cannot answer clearly to that Clemence! I believe that maybe it was because of the projection of the light? Maybe it wasn’t as much divulged as it could!
About maukka’s information, it is diluted within the 2 threads that I mentioned above. At least here in BLF there is no review thread that I could find!
BLF: Search results for '' - BudgetLightForum.com
Even on YT there are not many results: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=wuben+to50r+review

Maybe that is the reason why they want to give a new try to this light, I don’t know!

Quick Update:
As I mentioned, I sent PM to Wuben and got a reply from Jelina (last Friday)! The conditions she/Wuben proposed didn’t seem the best considering what is being discussed here about the already proposed conditions.
So I replied back (last Friday), being completely honest that the situation wouldn’t improve with those suggestions. I am now waiting for some more info and will post as soon as I get it!

As some of you were talking about passaround reviews before...

On TLF passaround reviews are quite common, especially with high cost flashlights like Acebeam W30, K75 or Imalent MS18 to name some examples.

It usually works like this:

  • Typically a German distributor (e.g. Stewitsch/Gatzetec) provides a flashlight free of charge to the TLF to be passed around.
  • The given flashlight is usually property of one of the moderators already or at least is meant to become the property of one of the moderators after the passaround.
  • Members with a certain membership term or a certain count of "thank you" points are eligible to join the passaround.
  • Every participant has 2-3 days to evaluate and test the flashlight. Afterwards it has to be forwarded to the next participant.
  • Costs for shipping are sometimes refunded by the passaround organizer.
  • Every participant is at least encouraged to report about the impressions (full review, plain text or pictures, video, ...).

While this enables the maufacturer/retailer to gain a lot of concentrated feedback it somehow feels (at least to myself) a bit like a raw deal to those many reviewers who did all the work. Eventually, they gained nothing in return except for a short glance onto the flashlight for a minor investment in shipping costs. Some retailers like Stewitsch have at least dealt with this situation by providing an extra discount for all participants who like to buy the flashlight afterwards. Still, after asking for single reviews I get the impression that single reviews are subject to diminish in return for (more effective and less costy) passaround reviews. :-(

- Paid single one on one review is better for both parties but can be somewhat questionably. Truly depends on reviewer’s reputation and honesty.

- Unpaid review is the most honest but randomly happens. Could benefit more for the customer and the community than the manufacturer. Either boom or doom the sales.

  • Gangbang pass around review is somewhere in between and not really benefit both.


Thank for this information Lux-Perpetua! Some points seem similar to the original ideia in this one, while some others are not.
It seems that in those experiences the brands/sellers still “got” more than the reviewers, even with the discounts :zipper_mouth_face:

Unless a significant “prize” is given it will always seem that people is working for “nothing”, or at least nothing that can be “owned”.

I can see clearer now that will be difficult to implement these experiences in this community, due to the costs/time involved, due to the international nature of the forum, due to the perception of the “hobby”, due to our “budget” nature.

Eheh, your description of how this pass-around could be seen made me laugh! :smiley:

Ultimately, if the experience (not the flashlight) didn’t work well or smoothly, it might influence how the review would be done, I believe. Neither us nor the brands would benefit from it!

Let’s see how this will “end”!

Wow, 2 days?
If i just had the spare time in 2 days to do a full length review, combined with work, and 2 kids, usually i have to find time to do a review

I got a reply from Jelina with an offer for the (potential) members involved in the (eventual) pass-around experience!

Here it is:

Wuben will offer a 50% discount to the members involved in the pass-around experience.
I will send them a list with the usernames of the involved people so that they can have the record.
The discount code is to be used in Amazon in any Wuben products, and it can be used within a 1 month period.
The involved members shall contact WubenLight through Private Message and they will provide the specific discount code for the product(s) required.

This information is also be placed in post #1 between “MATERIAL CONDITIONS” and “AFTER THE PASS AROUND >>> GIVEAWAY”!

I would like to get some feedback from people about this suggestion, please.

If all together (the conditions) are still not attractive, I will probably not spend more energy on this. I hope you do understand as it will not good for me, for you, nor for Wuben to be insisting on this. Then, maybe other options can be considered.

That looks more like it!
Is there any limit on the 50% discount? Does it count for other lights as well, or just for one type of light?

Hum, can you explain what you mean with “other lights”?
You mean other Wuben lights?
This is quoted from Jelina’s message:

Sorry, thanks for your explanation, i missed the word any

No problem :wink:
About the use of the code, for her words, I supposed it will be a code for “single” use, per member. But I may have understood it wrong!
I will check with Jelina again!
(Communication is very delayed due the time difference from here to China :zipper_mouth_face: )

EDIT: Message sent. Reply awaited!

EDIT #3 - 9th August 2019 - Pass-Around Experience Cancelled

So, to everyone involved in the discussion and reading this thread, I am now announcing it is CANCELLED!

A few days ago I posted the new proposal from Wuben (50% discount for their stuff in Amazon Store, for those involved in the pass-around experience).
After that I sent Jelina some more messages to clarify some aspects on that offer and today I got a reply, with new suggestions / proposals.

After analyzing what she presented in the message, and taking into account what has been debated here, and what is debated in other threads about doing reviews, I opted to cancel this pass-around experience.

In short, these are suggestions :

- option 1 would imply buying the flashlight, with eventual refund (I asked Jelina to confirm about this), and reviewing it. Additional there would be 50% discount codes for 1-2 itens on their Amazon store.

  • option 2 would imply making a new invitation thread and use a more traditional approach to receiving lights for review.

I suggested option 2, put some questions about its implementation to Jelina and probably in the next days there will be a new “take” on the TO50R.
So, stay tuned! :wink:

As I don’t want to be unclear about my motives, the main aspect why I chose option 2 and why I opted to cancel this pass-around was mostly because I wouldn’t probably have time and, eventually, the delicacy to manage this thread in case option 1 was chosen!

Thinking in advance, all the issues that could come from eventual decisions and issues from buying, shipping, refunding, etc, could create a less friendly environment here, and I don’t want to enter discussions and arguing that will lead us nowhere! More than that, I didn’t want to create the conditions for “bad” things to happen (despite they can always happen even if we try to “bullet-proof” reality!!)

I hope the new “take” on the TO50R review is more “reasonable” and clear, and that it can be more easily managed. Hopefully the next week will bring some news about that!

I also wanted to mention that I wouldn’t like to delete the content of this thread as it may serve as base of discussion for future “pass-around” experiences! Despite the conditions presented, I guess the things are well structured :innocent: and more than that, I think that the discussion of some points were/are helpful to think about what to do in pass-around experiences!!!

For that, I want to thank you all! For spending time writing, thinking and exposing your thoughts! It was very helpful for me and, hopefully, for other members.

To member lohtse, that formally said YES to this proposal even with the offered conditions, thank you and I am sorry this experience will not happen. As I mentioned before, please stay tunned within the next days!

Thanks again, sorry for making you spend your time on this and…over and out! :beer:

I haven’t reviewed the final retail product yet. I did post some stuff on the proto I had a while back.

Review is coming next week.

Thanks maukka! Will be looking for it :+1:


With Maukka’s full review coming, it will have all of the data anyone will ever need. I especially like the runtime charts and efficiency measurements. Very useful :+1:

In the meantime, I posted my impressions with a few measurements after owning 3 TO50R, 3 TO46R, 1 TO10R, 2 TO40R. My biggest gripe is the button is so freaking hard to find! If the power button was a tail switch and the mode button was lighted when on, it would have been the ultimate do everything light.

Thanks for the heads-up Clemence :wink: Will read it!

Thanks for your data SKV98! I don’t go into the DUV details and some more technical aspects, as I am not so familiarized with those, but I do appreciate having that information! Lately I’ve been more concerned with runtimes and colour rendition, and, of course, the UIs. I’ll be looking for what this light has, but apart from some things already read and some issues reported, it seems a solid one. Let’s see :wink:
Thanks again!!