CANSO Cree XM-L T6 3mode 630Lumens Zoomable @QCG

Since my first Sipik SK68 arrived yesterday, I've found unexpected love for zoomies...

Here is what I've found today.

CANSO Cree XM-L T6 3mode 630Lumens Zoomable Flashlight (FC-B06) on QCG

Has anyone ordered this? Any reviews available? Thoughts?

I'm thinking of ordering, am I gonna get burned with this shop?


I don't think I've ordered with them, but this looks kinda good. But go to the wholesalers page and get it for cheaper (they have the link near the top). I've been looking for a pocketable zoomie XM-L that actually puts out. 630 lumens spherically measured? I'll give 'em a shot.

From the side shot, if it wasn't for the writing, you could easily mistake it for a standard P60 host.

If the lumen count is actually accurate, this would be one of the better driven flood to throws. Most are pretty lame, under 1 amp. This one looks like its pushing 2 amps. Still, he measures many of his XM-Ls at 1000+ lumens with the sphere which is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. An XM-L hits around 900ish at 3 amps and even at 5 amps only hits 950...never 1000. And that is before lens losses, etc.

Its lens is fairly small so it won't throw very well, but should make for a great floody light for working around the house.

I wish they could use a decent driver and have a true High,Medium,Low, Very Low, instead of the usual High/Low/Strobe on zoomables.

I've decided to buy it and find out!

Did you order from the retail or wholesale shop? As I understand, wholesale shop charges for shipping on small orders, while retail has shipping included. Got any more info on that?

I can't wait to see what you'll have to say about this one. I'm eyeballing some ZY-C10s and SA-9s so I'll probably get some of those first. If you prove to be satisfied with this XM-L zoomie, it's going to be very hard to resist....


Now you have the "Happy Chinese New Year" delay to deal with...

I'm waiting till after Chinese New Year then I'm gonna pounce on it (found one from an ebay seller-exact same specs). It's in my cart waiting.

I tried ordering from that place, but their setup is confusing. They tell you that you have to click OK at a certain space or they won't have the order anymore. Even when I tried anyway, there was no way to actually pay for the item. Ridiculous! I decided not to mess with it. Ebay is the way to go here.

Share a link?

Sure thing...


Please update us when it arrives and post beamshots and comparison with sipik and the rest of your zoomie artillery. :)