can't seem to find quality holsters

I found a good holster for my l2 but only because they are made for surefire lights. Having a hard time finding something for a c8/c10 type light. Everything I find is sloppy cheap nylon. The only thing that came close was a niteyze universal but they are hard to get your light to reholster especially without turning your light on. I can’t seem to find anything “duty belt” worthy without spending tons on a custom leather holster. I prefer cordura nylon. Any ideas?

You could check the specs on this one to see if it fits. It’s perfect for my Xeno G42.

Have you seen the Heros Pride holsters?
I’ve used one daily since the spring and it’s holding up very well.

Thanks. Those both look like great suggestions especially the heroes pride website. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been looking for a ballistic nylon alarm holder. Looks like I’m going to have my uniform allowance check spent real soon!

How about this.

Nite-ize stretch holster is what I use for my Solarforce L2m and my Trustfire A8.

Or you could talk too hogokun, I had him make me a custom holster for my Zebralight Sc600 and its awesome

Do nite-ize holsters have to be broken in? I tried one and decided it was too hard to get the light back into the holster.

I’ve got a NiteIze PockIts (or something like that) and the side elastic was originally very tight but in the last 2.5 years it’s pretty much given up.

It worked well but I’m looking for a replacement.

Feels pretty consistent once it breaks in after the first month. Helps if you leave the flashlight in there as much as possible for the first few months\_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649