Can't Seem to Get new Sofirn SP36 to Work Right

Hi. I’m new to this forum. Based on the rave reviews here, I ordered a Sofirn SP36 directly from the manufacturer. It arrived a couple weeks ago. I opened it up yesterday, removed the stickers from the bottoms of the batteries, and plugged in the flashlight to a USB. The button on the flashlight immediately turned green, and remained that way over a night of charging. When I disconnect the flashlight (after a night of charging), nothing happens when I turn the flashlight on by pressing the button. However, when I press the button with the flashlight plugged in, the button turns red and the light shines. As soon as I turn the light off (with the flashlight still plugged in), the button turns green. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.

Red button means batteries low and need charging.

If you have a battery charger that takes Li-ion 18650 batteries I suggest using it to fully charge the batteries to 4.2V and then try powering on the SP36.

Also try a different USB cable

Have you got a voltmeter?
Pull the batteries and see what they are reading.
Look to see if one is markedly different that the others after sitting outside the light.
The light should start if even one battery is used.
Also make sure the light is not in lockout mode. Just unscrew the head and screw it back on.
The light should blink (twice I think?) and be ready to go.
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Thanks! Unscrewing the head and screwing it back on seemed to to do the trick. The flashlight seems to be working now.

Cool, glad to help.
It’s a great light. I really like mine.
All the Best,