car led flashlight

I am looking for a car LED flashlight, one that can sits in a charging cradle so it is always ready for use when needed, would prefer one that was also a work light one with flashing red or amber modes for breakdowns(not that I plan to!!).
Can any one point me in the right direction please ?, any help would be most appreciated,
regards tabs

Constant charging is not good for batteries. Best just to charge them when they need it. At least with most folks’ car use it isn’t going to get overcharged every day.

there are many kinds of led car lights for you to choose , such as led daytime driving car lights,led car brake lights ,led car backup lights,led license plate lamp,led fog lamp, led cornering lamp,led width lamp ,you can choose the one you like best.

There are some car lights that plug into your cigarette lighter to charge.

tabs, ignore the spam.

have a look for the 26650/18650/4aaa aleto review.

I use one of these as my car light with a 26650 loaded and lsd rechargeable cells taped into the 4aaa holder, chuck a pack of lithium primaries in next to it and your easily covered for a long while.

Thanks for that gords, been busy for a while, forgot to say my mate put me onto someone else who is also a flasher and does all his own modding, he teaches electronics, so bonus!!

nice one, that light I suggested, whilst cheap is a very useful vehicle light, an amber filter for emergency breakdowns would really top it off.