carbon nanotube heatsinks

Sounds impractical. They will eventually be used for many things, but maybe not so soon. Off the top of my head, I don’t see the advantage over metal particles.

If they ever become cheaply produced i don’t see why not, not that it will be any time soon

Based on how long it's been taking for the Sandia cooler to reach production, this thing will probably won't hit store shelved for another 10-15 years.

No way! We will have micro fusion reactors instead of leds by then!

If pills made of everything from junk brass, aluminum, copper, and pure silver have basically zero impact on light output, what benefit will there be with the super space-age quantum carbon nanotech stuff? 0:)

Weight? Probably a little more relevant in say an automotive LED array. Well that and the CPU applications they mention in the article.

Its not really that “high tech” though but i guess it depends on how much heat yoyr light source actually produces.