Care to share your best experience using your flashlight?

I’ve been EDCing a flashlight since the Mini-Mag AA incandescent was first available; have had many flashlights and used them on almost literally a daily basis - either at home or work.

My best memory of using a flashlight is when a guy I used to work with would turn the bathroom light off while it was being used. This was no accident or habit. Sometimes he would just open the door, reach in with his hand, and turn off the light. Every time he would laugh. At no time did he turn the light back on.

One day I was using the bathroom and “the prankster” did his old trick and immediately started laughing. I just pulled out my (then) ever present NC D11.2, shortcut to high, tail stand, ceiling bounce, and sufficiently light up the entire bathroom.

His laugh immediately turned into a cartoonishly fading “aaawww”. And I was filled with the satisfaction of taking away his fun, rather than the feeling of dread being stuck in the dark.

Hopefully you have a cheerier story to share.

whenever work on my cars/trucks/bikes.

BLF Q8 in the northern german everglades. My (former) girlfriend after not even a second: No more need for helicopters [with searchlights]. Hope I again find someone who is open for adventures and silly hobbies.

Plus many opportunities were I could demonstrate what a small flashlight like the S1R can do about dim environmental light, and how much of a difference it makes.

Watched a couple of black bears in my yard with my SP36. Took some the yard became daylight with the turbo.

What do bears do when you suddenly light them up? Attack? Disappear?
sorry for the question, not meaning to distract from OP but I have never seen a bear IRL.

We have about 10 different bears in our yard this spring. Mothers with cubs, cubs just let go from their mother, single males . Most are not concerned with bright lights or loud noises. They simply walk away, stop and look back. Very rarely do they run. I do like either Q8 or SP36 for the massive flood.

Signaling Yosemite Valley campers from Glacier Point (3,000 feet straight above) and hikers across the valley on the mountain opposite, with my Fenix TK70. It was fun… until it got dangerous when some idiot in the valley started hitting us with a green laser.

A friend of mine dropped something on the floor & it proceeded to roll under the couch. Densely woven dark rug. Lighting in the room wasn’t good enough. Could not see where it went. I pulled out my Lumintop Tool AAA. Instantly located it. Used two chopsticks taped together to reach it.

My mother couldn’t read a label on a bottle. It was PAINFULLY small, even in ambient living room light. Took out my Jetbeam-U (at the time), instantly added enough light to make it legible.

Two guys were having a scuffle outside a store. I happened to have my Skilhunt H03 RC on me (usually I leave it in my car). I took it out and hit strobe. They both looked at me. I then shifted it to TURBO mode and pointed at their waists (low enough not to blind, but still made it hard to see my face). I was wearing black denim pants & a form fitting black windbreaker. I didn’t say a word. But they decided to break it off.

Kids were playing on the basketball court outside my apartment building, well after hours. It was 1am. Park closes at dusk. I called out about the park being closed. They kept playing. I turned on my Nitecore EA4 and Nitecore EC4GT simultaneously, making a triangulated beam at their feet. So bright they couldn’t see me. They immediately stopped. One person said “sorry.” I turned off the lights. They left the park.

When I was staying at my parents for awhile some time back, they have people in their neighborhood who like to play music super loud way into the night. I got tired of it so purposely bought the Fenix LD75C to use the red and blue strobe. I would point it from the back yard to make it seem like the cops were coming from the road. . . It would often do the trick

And no one ever gave him a good ol’ fashioned biker-stomp? Keyed his car? Nothing??


At work, we once had a building-only blackout (ie, not the whole neighborhood, block, etc.). I was the only one who had a flashlight. Still got it, a Taskforce 2×AA with hotwire bulb that I refitted to take a fat-base Maglite LED bulb.

Hallway runs down the center of the floor, no windows at all. Once the emergency lights ran down after a coupla hours, the hallway was black. My light came in quite handy to anyone who wanted to use the can.

This Jetbeam TH20 Guardian is a marvelous flashlight! Its UI has improved and it can use unprotected Murata 21700 VTC6A flat tops.

in a church pew in front of me, a crying baby (facing backwards in the mother’s arms)
stopped crying and smiled when i momentarily turned on my keychain flashlight.
i gave the flashlight to the mother and she thanked me.

For about 3-7 seconds… shooting multiple pigs with my 6.8 SPC “pig rig” (AR-15 with a larger .277 caliber load Vs. the typical .223 NATO load).

Several episodes over the last 18 months using my (18650) C8Fs host builds— running direct drive XPL HD (shaved) leds (about 5800k) and running off 25Rs.

These lights use Lexel’s FET tail switch for zero loss on the pressure (trigger) switch. I am sure I’m getting well over 3k lumen with 18g wires on the head and bridged tail spring.

For this particular application, the battery is used for less than a few minutes on any hunt (mostly AFTER the shots to find downed pigs). So the harder hitting (up front) 25R is perfect for the job loaded up in this light (and is cheaper than most high drain offers out there).

I get over 200 yards of nice throw, along with the very useful, wide spill I get well out to 150 yards (within about 30 degrees field of view- or so).

But, I have really got into the newer C8G (from Sofirn also) lately as the stock driver allows for memory at FULL turbo. This means I can use it for hunting AND as a carry out in the field. A simple unscrewing of the tail switch (from the FET pressure switch back to the factory “clicky” switch)… and I go from a rifle mounted light back to a hand carry.

In hunting, it’s REALLY cool to be able to “set it and forget it” until its time to light-up the field— and I get full turbo when I hit the lights for the shot using the factory C8G- so cool! I get to use the Lexel FET tail switch to trigger this light WITH the factory driver (WITHOUT mods or programming before the hunt) as the factory driver allows the full-on turbo on memory… from the tail FET :+1: What’s not to love!?

The throw of the C8G is ALSO well beyond any other C8 I have but the hunt dictates the light needed. While wider field-of-view, multi-pig hunts require many fast shots mostly within 50-150 yrds; the C8F is the best. But for getting way out there… I still have small a C8 form-factor (that bolts to my AR’s rail) in the C8G. So coyotes that can range WAY out on the other side of the bean field— CAN be lit by the C8G!

Sadly, I JUST missed coyote season in Kansas with this newer light this year, but next year I’ll put up a few pelts for sure with the C8G on my 22-250… getting out there closer to 350 yards :smiling_imp:

Probably seeing the looks on people’s faces when I touch off my xhp50.2 pocket lights. Plus I’m digging my 90 cri light for finding stuff that disappears on the carpet.

Showed up to a church dinner party one time and the power went out right when I got there. It was February in Washington state so pitch black. My Surefire P2X Fury had fresh batteries so I propped it upright in a cup in the center of the assembly hall, and it lit the whole party for a good 20 minutes before the portable generator showed up. We just continued on our way and ate by the plentiful light of Surefire. This was not a small space either, it had a basketball court and stage.

That light was SO HOT when I picked it up again.

being able to whip out my sofirn sp31 during a blackout in a building and able to bring people out safely while everyone struggle with phone lights.

Generator kick in 10mins later though

Reminds me of the last blackout I’ve had at work, way back in I think 2017. Again, I was the only one who had actual torches, all of which were used (a Thrunite TN12 to light up the exit and prevent book theft, a T10 with a fellow watching the entrance turnstile, and either a Ti3 or a Convoy M1 [I only remember it had a warmer tint] on me to sweep the upper floors and usher the students out). It was a good evening, because when power came back on we were already bouncing out of the campus, so we had a shorter night shift.