Catalytic Converter Theft on the Rise

I been hit. Just wanted to pass this along…

I have a ’92 van, not at all valuable, but they got me in my well-lit apartment complex parking lot anyway. I got up to head to the doc around 10 am and noticed the once-quiet van sounding like a Baptist church bus going up a hill. Exactly $367.46 later, I had a cheap replacement welded on, but Rusty is not happy. No sir.

It’s happening all over in the DFW area. Beware and maybe consider some of the tips in the second link.

I don’t think it ever died down. News just got bored of talking about it.

Now that the third row seat thefts have become so common, I think you are right. Even news gets boring.

Man that sucks, sorry to hear about that….

Their bad for it over here too, chain cutter, and off they come.

Lucky I’ve just got a straight through pipe on the landcruiser…

They are lined with platinum. Thieves will steal anything it seems.

In my neighborhood it’s 3rd row seats by the dozens and LARGE (weighing hundreds of pounds) flower pots and landscaping urns (complete with the plants). They’ve busted several gangs, but new ones keep popping up.

Just plain nuts! Any chance they might return the empty shell so you can have it welded back on?

3rd row seats? You’re tellin me the back seats of mini vans and such are being ripped off? Now that ain’t easy! What fool would risk getting caught with a 4’ long 90lb seat on his shoulder? Wow, folks are getting very desperate!

Thanks for the heads up on this, I’ll be sure to run over more skunks…

A set of 3rd row seats sells for around $3000! The rear window of SUVs is not alarmed and is trivial to open. It takes them less than a minute to snatch the seats. The crime reports in the local paper have shown over a dozen grabbed in a night. You can follow their trail from the addresses hit.

It’s such a bad problem that a local company built and patented a special seat lock.

Yeah all the metals in cats are what’s valuable, not just the platinum. Although a lot of lower end cats are ceramic, but I guess any metal scrapper will just take it regardless so long as the honeycomb inside is intact.

Haven’t heard of the 3rd row thefts but they probably aren’t as popular on the east coast or something. Instead we have entire car thefts only to have the car show up in pieces.

More of em pointed at the idjits that do these kinds of thing! Man I’m glad I don’t live in the big city!

I’m dropping my commuter then; I bet anyone who’s interested in taking my cat would be able to get under it ;).

If it goes I’m probably just going to put in a pipe, it’s not required for diesels and I don’t see a need if it’s just getting stolen.

My front end hangs down so low anyways, I doubt moving down a few inches would do anything but improve the handling (Too much roll from worn struts, springs, but it’s still good). Need a new bash guard first and to fix my oil leaking issue (Seals wearing, slow leak around the oil pan and some worn hoses :C).

I don't think you're supposed to feed your cat metal or ceramic...

Only if your cat isn’t bad ass!

…I don’t have a cat