Category for Knives and Multi Tools

I am very surprised there is no exact category for this. The topic: “ALL THINGS BUDGET KNIVES” generated 5200+ posts and was listed under: “Home » Forums » Miscellaneous » Gear for Flashlight Carriers.”

IMHO, a multitool or knife is probably the most carried item with a flashlight and deserves its own category.

Dumping it in Miscellaneous is somewhat of an injustice.


“…the most carried item with a flashlight…”

well, i would speculate a cellphone/mobile would be the “most”.
second, wallet/purse and contents.
third, keys or equivalents.

I don’t leave the house without my keys, wallet, gun, SwissChamp, flashlight, phone, sunglasses and pack of gum.


In that case, my shoes would be the most carried item.

No justice, no peace!

Attica! Attica! Attica!

Okay, I got that outta my system…

You should try wearing them on your feet. You don’t have to carry them that way.

This right here, change the Champ for a Compact and it’s the same carry lol.

Suppose to be getting a William Henry knife in later today. Feeling ambivalent as I’m not sure I want to carry it daily. I have about 10 Kershaw Blurs that I have not fallen out of love with yet for daily carry. A Kershaw Blur that’s @ $50 to replace is more palatable to lose than an $850 Damascus blake pretty knife.