Cause of Death

Cancer :frowning:

Living in South Africa I live most days in fear of being killed as a result of violent crime .I have lost friends and family due to random acts of violence.Had a close friend raped and murdered in her own apartment. Its an unfortunate part of life here in SA.

I'm worried about gun violence here in the U.S.

It's a serious problem that isn't getting fixed anytime soon.

They put Covid as cause no matter how you die.

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My two worst fears: chronic illness and amnesia. The latter may not lead to a sudden death. But what is “living” if you lose your memories and don’t even recognise yourself?

How many of us have living will?

I haven’t done mine; but I intend to put it clearly that I don’t want to “live” on as a vegetable through some breathing machine.

The best “premature” death is , like in Kenny Robert’s song the Gambler, is to “die in your sleep”.

And if there is a soul after death, I intend to take my soul out to explore the universe. I don’t want to go to “live” in eternity either in heaven or hell. Exploring the vast universe, like a big comet, would be interesting. I guess my soul wouldn’t need any flashlight, even though many parts of the universe is rather dark, especially in “black holes”.

1 out of 200 persons develop cancer each year. This year it could be you. Uh-oh.

Sorry for joking. I had cancer, and it is a mercyful cause of death. You have time to manage everything, can fight it, no one has to ask questions beginning with “what if” when you’re dead. I used my time wisely when I got my chemotherapy. Never thought I’d manage to survive so many years.

Now look at Donnie LB Darko. In a split second he was dead, last thing he saw was this guy in a rediculous bunny costume. His parents lost their home and had to sue the owner of this airplane.

Cancer is ok.

Depends on the type of cancer and the stage its at.

What was yours?


Mauled by a Bear or Mountain Lion while hunting.


Eaten by a shark or gator while diving.

Probably heart failure. Too much unhealthy intake, and not worth living without salt/fat/drink/D&R tobacco.

Still can’t imagine why people are scared of guns. People have always been the problem, for hell is other humans.

I don't think there is any premature death . People all die when they were supposed to . You can't add or subtract .

I agree that some deaths are what we would consider unfair or unfortunate but there is a season for all things. .turn .. turn ... turn .

the last thing put under foot is death

I’ve always hoped I would be shot in the head by a jealous husband when I’m about 93 …

I figure I’ll “die” when someone or something gets bored with this simulation and turns it off.

Thanks sb. Hug to brother Raccoon too. This thread actually changed my plan today from doing a freesolo climbing lap up an easy 700 foot route, to getting the pup out for a hike to trying to transplant some Wapato where there is shitloads to another location close to home where I want it to be where there is none. The internet seems lacking in the best way to do that, but I’m planning on hiking in with a couple quart water bottles, filling up the lower 1/3 with silt and leaving some river water in, then hiking out and trying not to spill.

Thanks Raccoon!

Died of Heart attack at age 97 while having sex with a 30 year old! Viagra did its job:D :sunglasses: :+1:

Rather than spend a lot of money getting cremated, I always said it would be better to spend the money on a cruise and fall overboard at the end.

Mint LB Donnie Darko! Classic

S Darko was a good follow-up movie

Shooot, and for me. Probably my prayers finally getting answered

Either I’ll die in a car accident or from an aneurysm brought on by reading one too many shitty hot-takes online.

If you know your days are numbered.