Cause of Death


We’ll all be cremated eventually, when the sun becomes a red giant.

Haven’t kept in touch, but I know someone originally from ZA who, with her mom and dad, barely escaped with their lives when “apartheid” ended.

Same dealy, things were pretty safe, everyone got fed, businesses ran, etc., until the inmates took over the asylum, and then you had petty warlords spring up, widespread violence, rapes, killings, etc., and those who had any property pretty much with just the clothes on their back trying to get out.

Pretty sad. I’ll avoid political commentary but a lot of that’s in store for the USA unless people wake up and grow some brains.

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I’d like to die quietly in my sleep, just like my grandfather did……

Not yelling and screaming……

Like the passengers in the bus he was driving.

(can also be used in joke thread, so a 2 for 1)


dusty hill (zz top) just died yesterday, from what they said because of a hip injury or complications from same, which only occurred a week or so ago.

makes you think

he was 72

maybe there was more to the story

billy gibbons has said ZZ will go on for now


Unno. Fracture a major bone, it starts blowing fat embolisms, a big one hits the heart, lungs, bad news, or it hits the brain and you stroke out.

a bit more

Dusty Hill, ZZ Top bassist and founding member, dies at 72 › story › music › 2021/07/28
2 days ago — No cause of death was given, but Hill has struggled with hip issues since falling on the band’s tour bus in August 2014, followed by surgery and …


What was Dusty’s net worth prior to his death? He made quite a lot of money throughout his career.
Being one of the most iconic faces of one of the most iconic bands in modern rock and roll history certainly nabs you quite a bit of money. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Dusty was worth roughly $60 million at the time of his passing. He likely accrued this impressive sum through touring, merchandise sales, endorsement deals, and most importantly music royalties.

Damn. One of my favorites (but I like just about all ZZ top songs).

I know some people who swear they would die without coffee…

Lofty aspirations.

I am working on each. Always on the look out for the next Ex.

memento mori

If I die prematurely, I’ll let you know why :smiley: :smiling_imp:

Do we need an “early bird” subscription for that? :innocent:

Luckily I only had one of those :person_facepalming: :smiley:


Back in the days when the California lotto first came out, we used to have a lotto pool at one of my jobs.Everyone would play except one of our co workers. We finally asked why he didn’t join in. He said if I ever hit the lotto I would be dead in 6 months.He said it would be fast cars, fast women, and a party every night. He said working for a living keeps me honest and alive!

I thought this thread was an Obituary tribute :beer:

Why does that remind me of this?

Must be the font :smiley:

When you are thinking: “This is the big one! I’m comin’, Elizabeth!”

Just push on the button of your modded personal alarm beeper.
And we wil be notified because you programmed your computer to say goodbye to us.

If I were to die prematurely it would be from still seeing this post taking up valuable space on the Budget Light Forum.

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