Celebrating 1,000 Posts - It's Another Rusty Random Giveaway! [Ended - Winners Announced]


Those of you wanting in, be sure and remember to put your number.

I am in for the win.


I hope I qualify, if so number 4894 please. Thank you

Congratulations on 1000 posts, same as Mrs dnf i’m only playing for item no 7, lucky number 1024.

I’m in!
I’m gonna go with 2^11, or 2048, or 100000000000 (binary)


I’m in


In for the halibut. Congratulations Rusty. How about 3000 for me.

Now, now, math hurts Rusty’s brain! :smiley:

Im in, lucky#23

With #2316

Thanks Rusty!

Very cool and I am in. 186.50

I’m in

Lucky # 7 please

Also interested in item #7 cheers

Thanks Joe!

Im down...like cpf


I’m in. 1024! oops, didn’t see that 2-fer post

guess I’ll take 1530 (0101 1111 1010)

I’m in with 556

I’m in!
Number 876.

I’m willing to cover intl shipping fees.

woo hoo… another give away…
put me in please… i love BLF :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

lucky # 7 !!

Sweet! Count me in.

I’ll go with 4096, of course… it’s a binary order of magnitude better than that 2048 poser! :wink: