Cells problem on SkyRay KING

I hope you can help me …
I just joined, and I just have a question.

I have two pairs of different batteries:
2x Panasonic 18650 2900mAh 3.6V Li-Ion NCR18650
UltraFire 18650+ 3.7V 2800mAh+ tr 2x Li-ion

I think they both unprotected.
Can I use them in my Skyray King without causing it damage?

Obviously charging them to the same voltage.

Grazie in anticipo! :slight_smile:

Do NOT mix unprotected or protected cells in multicell lights, especially quality cells like Panasonics with horribly unsafe cells like Ultrafires. You would be asking for serious trouble of the lose your hands or burn your house down nature.

Please hold off until you have 4 cells of the same brand and model. Avoid Ultrafire cells like the plague. Get yourself some more Panasonics. Please be safe. ;)

As I thought… but I wanted the opinion of you experts, I will avoid.

thanks again!

If you decide to use them pls, make a video, I love good firework :smiley:
P.S. If I remember correctly, King can also work with just 2 batteries…

Yeah, just run it off the 2 panasonics.

You can mix various capacity Panasonic’s though (2900/3100/3400mAh ones), because they have same voltage range, same chemistry, etc. So in King, which has cells connected in parallel, that’d be fine. Not in series light though!!

Indeed, in a parallel setup you can easily mix different cells; the stronger ones just contribute more current then.

The only critical moment is inserting them: They should all have the same voltage, or otherwise some high balancing currents can flow. This has nothing to do with mixing different cells though.

So with a paralell set up if I put in 2 3400 mah cells and 2 crappy 200 mah cells nothing would go wrong as long as they are at the same starting voltage?

I often mix higher capacity unprotected cell with a lower or about equal capacity protected cell in series lights which can be run on 1 cell. This way, I can run the thing all the way down just in case the protection trips and I still need some light.

This depends on the internal resistance of the cell. All you can say is it’s probably safe, or at least safer than the same thing in series.