Changing driver on Akoray K106/TrustFire F20/UniqueFIre AA S1

My TrustFire F20 died after using a 14500

Now, waiting DX response, I am trying to know how to fit a 16-17mm driver in a place that can accept only 15mm driver.

I know that can be removed the brass ring (I have done it) and now it seems that can accept the 16-17mm one, but the negative conection will be poor...............................

As shown here... any other idea?

Also about the driver board

Can accept from 0,8 to 4,5???? Sure?????

Good brightness with AA?

Anybody knows?


This driver seems to have the right values:

It also has a broad copper negativ band, so it could certainly be sanded down to fit, without

missing connectivity.

A little expensive and some says 17mm diameter.

Stil waiting DX response