Charger and powerbank function


searching a charger that can also give out power to charge devices like smartphones through USB.
The charging function should handle a solar panel well though, that’s what I intend to do outdoors. In the sun my solar panel can generate 3 Ampere currents.
So the charger should also have an over-current protection.

What is the best choice amongst the few options?

- Soshine E3S

- Tomo T4

- Xtar PB2

  • Armytek Handy C2 Pro

Thought of getting a ready to go powerbank, but the headlamp I have ordered uses an 18650 battery, so why not getting a decent charger and instead carry a few spare 18650s with me.

The Xtar PB2 seems to be available for a good price and it’s popular here, but it charges only with 2 Ampere, which means only device at least the dimension of a smartphone. That’s the con I can see, and only 2 slots.
How does the Handy C2 Pro fare against it? Didn’t find any reviews of it.

This review looks thorough:
Armytek Handy C2 Pro

You would hope you could use a 3A input source but although the reviewer charts the output, I don’t see where he/she tried it with the input. She (he?) noted ” It also has a max charge rate of 1A, so you’ll need a good quality power source.” Armytek lists input DC 5V/1A

HKJ has a few noted on his reviews that take solar although they all appear to have limited battery chemistry types and only do Lipo. He notes: “Solar: Charger is suitable for use with 5V solar panels without a buffer battery, this is only shown on the ”USB power input” list. I started testing this late 2018. ”

It’s the 3rd column from the right in the chart at this link here:

Click on the word “solar” on the column header and it will sort by that. Unfortunatly the Armytek isn’t listed. Might ask HKJ to review it, he takes requests.

Hmm, link above worked earlier, try this:

There’s also Folomov charger. Not sure about solar, but at least it comes with a powerbank.

Is there a Xtar PB4 version, meaning 4 slots of battery?
Would be nice…but I guess I will either have to go with the PB2 or just simply buy a ready to go powerbank.


You can check the Xtar MC line, the MC4 has 4 bays and works with usb chargers.

The link I posted (HKJ’s excellent work) shows only these work on Solar:

Eizfan NC1,
Golisi Needle 2,
Golisi Needle 1,
Basen BO-1,
NiteCore LC10,
and the Xtar PB2

Like to know what else does work though and he only started testing that in 2018 he notes. Ideally, the charger would be a power bank and charge multiple cell chemistries and sizes. Those only work with Li-on, and size is limited.