charger confusion

looking to by a charger. a universal one i thought (actually i was considering the symat intellicharger). but after reading the various input on blf i'm not sure that's going to happen.

u can charge ni bats on some li chargers but not the other way around

the review on the intellicharge cautioned small battery use

so is a hobby charger the best bet even if with the lack of fixtures to hold bats?

intelligcharge is the only user-friendly universal charger for round cells i know of. it may has some flaws (i dunno, you can read reviews) but it's cheap (dinodirect hehe). one big disad is that you cant really charge AAA-sized cells because of the high charge current.

hobby chargers cost the same (IMAX B6).

For beginners? Absolutely not.

I recently used my hobby charger very much and I can’t understand why people bother with anything else while you can charge your KingKong 26650 batteries at 2A or even more with a hobby charger. I have a Turnigy Accucell 6. I even use it to step charge 3-4 18650s at 1.5 Amps then top them up individually. I am planning to build a balance adapter for it and it should be as easy as a consumer charger.
I would buy that Sysmax charger but it was a daily deal and I had a meeting to attend. It had gone up twice when I came back. :frowning:

like that word.

i am on BFL.

so i am a consumer :bigsmile:

I can't consume anything these days, even all of my batteries are chargeables. It's the difference I am talking about between pro and amateur chargers.

horses for courses. I have a Powerex charger for NiMHs and recently got an Xtar Wp2 Mk II for lithiums. I still need my Accucell for LiFePO4s, though. And it is the best solution for instant charging.

have the XTAR and the POWEREX and you still would want to buy the INTELLICHARGER? hmm.

you like chargers!! :D

I just can't say no. I also have a Trustfire 2 bay charger that was a wise buy, a cheap 2 bay charger I use when I feel cheap and consumer :), another 4xNiMh charger that also has a discharge function, oh and a ML102 26650 compatible USB charger too. I kindda love them :) And yes, I still would get Sysmax if it went on a better deal again.

yep, it was hell cheap at some site (DD?). a new hardware revision (II) will be out later this year.

Yes, it was something like $25, I had a $5 discount, a $8 coupon and $4 points :) so it would be $8-9 for me.

Will wait for that one then. Thanks for the heads up.