Charger for 10440 batteries? Completely lost!

Hi everybody, I’m all new here.

Knowing nothing, I bought a pair of Kentli 10440’s for bicycle light duties. No idea weather they’re protected or not. (Maybe all you need know is that they’re from E-Bay.) Just found out my Nitecore i2 charger doesn’t work for them. Most of the chargers at DX and Kaidomain seem to be too strong, pushing some 500-1000mA.

Is this one good for me?

Any recommendations? I browsed around before posting this, but I may have missed some obvious guideline somewhere because I’m rather lost. I had to goodle just to find out my lithium AAA actually should be called 10440…

Very grateful for all advise!


Do you have pics of the 10440s?

Why would that DX one work when the i2 (or i4) would not work?

Maybe the 10440 is too thin for the i2, so it doesn’t touch contacts when you push them in place.
You could try putting something around the batt to make it wider, or under it, between batt and charger, so the contacts align better.

If you have other lights that take various lithium ion cells ( 14500, 18650) you might want to invest in an Xtar VP1. It has a setting for a 0.25A charge rate, which is what yo need.
If you have problems getting a connection with your i2, perhaps these would come in handy.

So the I4 does work for the 10440 but you have to charge 2 at once in the same channel correct?

Ooww, to spilt the current, devide it over 2 batts, each gets half.
Not a superintelligent charger… :frowning:

Well, the i2 isn’t marked as compatible with 10440. I figured it would gradually destroy that small batteries, charging too fast. The DX one I linked to only use 300mA. But I guess I should google for an Xtar VP1, right?

Thanks to all.

Dirt cheap, probably works just fine:
also with EU plug now!

This looks a lot better though:

Maybe THIS is helpful.

The first ones have 450 ma output. That is a little high for a 10440.

The Soshine does not support lithium ion, only LiFePo4.

Hmm… Sorry…. :X

I use the MC-0 from Mtnelectronics for my 10440’s.

I use my I4 all the time for 10440 Li-ion. The problem is that the battery will sit too low in the holder. I use a small piece of cardboard under it, in the bottom of the slot, to keep it up higher. The length is fine and I do put two in one channel, or two in each channel. I have never had an issue using 10440 in the I4. Your I2 should work too.

I went ahed and ordered an Xtar VP1, as suggested earlier here. I would like to thank all the kind people who took time to guide me through this.

I don’t suppose you know what 10440 batteries I ought to use in my bright, bright future? I only manage to find China crap and never any brand names.

I came here to point you toward XTAR MC0 Charger $5.90 250mA & 500mA selectable current.

Best 10440 by a good margin is Efest IMR 10440.

Damnit. USD 6 vs GBP 30. Doh!

Ouch. Perhaps you can cancel. Who did you order from?

The Xtar VP1 is good & has more range in charge current 0.25A, 0.5A, 1A. It just a bit costly to me.

The Efest 10440 IMR V1 Flat Top 350mAh 3.7v Battery Batteries (AAA Size) found on are unprotected. If I forget to re-chearge they die? What if I want to put lithium in my TV remote, where the self discharge of NiMH isn’t suited? Should I opt for protected cells?

Don’t use liion cells instead of nimh, DON’T!!!

Not even for my bike lights? Why not?
I like NiMH, they’re great. But in applications where time itself works against the batteries, Lithium is even better?

Blah. I see now. They’re all 3.7V, not 1.5 :frowning: